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Zambezi Rafting Has Far Reaching Economic Impact

by Dlulamithi

For those folks who think that the loss of one of the greatest white water rafting experiences in the world will simply put a few companies out of business within the Vic Falls/Livingstone area - I can assure you the closing of this river will have far reaching negative economic impacts.

I do not know of many tourists - both foreign and domestic that travel to Vic Falls simply for the rafting experience... most of them are bolting onto their trip at least three other destinations within the region to make their trip one of a lifetime.

By damming this river you will notice a definite drop in economic activity within the region since those white water rafting adventurous spirits will seek alternative destinations such as New Zealand, Nepal or Argentina/Chile.

The reason I talk about economic impact here is because sadly not enough people are concerned about the ecological impact and the potentially damaging effects this dam would have on our birds of prey species - although in reality the value of losing such species is as great as the value of lost revenue for tourism operators in the region.

This is a no brainer decision people - let Vic Falls continue to grow again as the tourism hub of Southern Africa - the Zimbabwe and Zambian governments will generate enough revenue as a result to put back into other power facilities in both countries including solar which has developed very successfully in the last 20years since this power proposal came about!

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