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Zambezi White water rafting

by Brent

We are coming over on 18th august staying in the Ilala Lodge as friends of Juliet King's family for the big wedding!
I'm keen to go w w rafting but have never done it before!!
Who should I go with for a fun trip that will be lively but not too high on the lethal scale???
Best wishes
Brent Weller

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Aug 13, 2014
Which rafting comany to use
by: Tony

Hi Brent

All the rafting compnaies bascially offer the same product, there is only the one river. Once on the river your guide will offer the group in the raft some options through some of the rapids which are less hectic (the chicken route), its up to the group to decide which line they will take at the time.
All of the companies adhere to strict safety standards so you will be safe with any of them. Companies we use are Wild horizons, Shearwater and Adventure zone. If you need us to help with booking the trip for you, please send us a booking enquiry form

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