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Zimbabwe is a Troubled Country - But......

by Vince Doran
(Washington DC)

Look, Zimbabwe is a troubled country that has massive issues. It will get better as it's history once had it has the most progressive country in Africa. People rightly avoid Zimbabwe due to a government that must change, an inflation rate that the world has never experienced and poverty/illness that should never have occurred.

All that said, Victoria Falls Lodge, the Falls themselves, the bungee jumping (not me but my 26 year old son), the river tours, the boma, and most of all the people are worth the visit. The people are hurting - not because of their doing. They need support (tourists).

Yes, when you go to town (only to walk to the bridge and to visit the falls), you will be followed by any number of fellows who want to sell you all sorts of stuff (wood carvings, old billion dollar notes, etc). Find one that you like and have him walk you to the bridge. Walk back with the guy and then buy something from him - he has a family to support.

GO TO VICTORIA FALLS LODGE - it is great and the people will treat you like family. No issues just comfort, good people and good food.

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