Zimbabwe VS Zambia

by Wee Ling

May I know what's the difference between Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe vs Livingstone in Zambia?

How far are they apart?

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Jul 16, 2009
Zimbabwe Vs Zambia and why!!
by: Boo Peel

Hi Wee Ling

The main difference between Zimbabwe and Zambia is that Zimbabwe has 80% of the Falls on their side have a look at this map you will see that view sites 1 to 16 are all on the Zimbabwe side. Zambia only has a very small section of the falls. (View point No 17 on the map).

Livingstone town is approx 10kms from the Victoria Falls and Victoria Falls town in Zimbabwe is only about 1kms from the Falls themselves.
There is bridge between the two countries and this is a border post with immigration regulations and visa costs depending on your passport.

Zambia is generally considered to be a little bit more expensive than Zimbabwe.

If you are planning on any game activities like the elephant back safari these are better on the Zimbabwe side. The Zambezi national park in Zimbabwe for game drives is also far superior to Zambia?s national park.

Apr 02, 2010
which side is better to see the falls.
by: Val Caprivi namibia

Hi Tony I think that one must look at the pros and cons of visiting the falls.
1. From april to late july the falls are very full and one cannot see very much from the zambia side.\
2.From Late aug on wards the falls are seen from both zimbabwe and zambia, but if you wish to venture a little more and see the boiling pot etc then I would suggest see the falls from the zim side and the walk across to see them from the zambia side but only if there is NOT tooooo much spray, then you are better off seeing from zim only. Dont drive to see the falls in zambia, because the entrance is just outside the zambia border post. I always advise people to do just this also remembering that from the zim side you can walk from your campsite or get a lift from your hotel with the shuttle to the falls and walk back into town to see all the shops, THIS you cannot do on the zambia side. Although they do give you a lift but most of the time you must get a taxi and that costs money as well. It is perfectly safe to walk all around zim at the falls, I would not suggest to anybody to walk at night no matter what country you are visiting, as you are asking for trouble. bye for now

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