Cars Fall Into the Boiling Pot

by Clive Goodrich

Hi again,

On leaving the Vic Falls bridge going to Livingstone the ground rises and takes a sharp left turn.

On your left there was a large opening where people used to park their car's, but being careful not to park to near the edge as it dropped down to the Boiling Pot.

October being the hottest month was known as the suicide month and on two occasions Livingstone residents drove their cars over the top, landing on the side of the Boiling Pot (this area has now completely grown over).

One of the vehicles was a 1953 consul. There was not much left of it after hitting the ground at the side of the Boiling Pot except the registration plate which was intact.

I stole the plate and had it for a long time, unfortunately I can not remember what happened to it now but I will never forget the Reg' number which was L 2337.



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