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Victoria Falls Memories

Towards the end of January 2010 after sending out our newsletter, we received an email from a gentleman, which we found really interesting and which we thought you might enjoy reading too.


"Hi Tony,

Many thanks for my first newsletter.

I am particularly interested in the Victoria Falls as I was brought up at the Falls and Livingstone from 1947 till 1963. In those days the Falls consisted of a railway station ,a couple of railway houses, Sopers curios. delightful small corrugated iron building known as The Pink Elephant who's owner used to sell ice cream.

The road past Wimpy along the river was 10 foot wide, and the present day game wardens house on the river bank was the customs and immigration for the passengers from the flying boat which used to land and take off once a week. If you require any more old stories of the falls which might be of interest to your readers please let me know.

Once again many thanks. Clive Goodrich."


I contacted Clive and said we would love to hear some of his stories from the old days, so over a period of time he has agreed, in his time, to share a few memories from his childhood growing up in Victoria Falls at that time. I think we are in for a treat...

Clive was born in Blackpool, UK in 1936, he moved to Africa at age ten and grew up in and around Victoria Falls. Today he has settled back in Norfolk in the UK. Where he claims he does miss the sunshine!!

Just scroll down this page a bit further, then click on the headlines to read Clive's memories of Victoria Falls.


Do You Have Memories to Share

If anyone else wants to share their memories, please enter them into this invitation box below. We will review them, notify you and publish them.

Memories From Clive Goodrich

Click on the links below to read Clive's stories. Feel free to add your own comments as well.

Victoria Falls Residents 1958/60 
Am looking for anyone who resided in Victoria Falls 1958/60 as there is a group photo we would like to identify folks in it,please? email :tigerfish79@yahoo.com …

i grew up at kamative tin mines which is very close to the victoria falls and attended milton high school for boys 1963. yes i also miss kamativi and …

Traditional Dancer 
Year 1975 I visited the Victoria Falls and stayed at the Vic Falls Hotel. In the evenings a traditional native dancing performance took place, one of the …

Cars Fall Into the Boiling Pot 
Hi again, On leaving the Vic Falls bridge going to Livingstone the ground rises and takes a sharp left turn. On your left there was a large opening …

Elephants Cross Victoria Falls Bridge 
Hi Once More, My friends and I, now in our teens and working managed to "acquire " a V W beetle which gave us the opportunity to visit the Victoria …

Naughty Boys Meet Actress 
Hi again Guests at the Victoria Falls hotel wishing to have their shoes cleaned used to place them on the floor outside their rooms. They were then …

Starting School 
I think it would be better if I started with my arrival in Livingstone in 1947. I attended Katambora junior school in Livingstone with a number of children …

Devil's Swimming Pool 
I remember a few months ago seeing a photograph of tourists swimming on the edge of the Victoria Falls. There was a big write up as if this was something …

My Arrival At Victoria Falls In 1947 
At the age of 10 my parents and I left the U K over land to Africa, a trek of four and a half months. We arrived in Livingstone on the 30th of March 1947 …

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