entrance fees

What is the entrance fee for vic falls
is it a single entry ticket
does the ticket include a full visit to falls including going beneath the fall
can we buy a family pass
can we buy a multiple entry pass
can we pay in south african rands

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Nov 10, 2010
Entance Fees to Victoria falls
by: Tony

Entrance Fees are US$30 for internationals and US$20 for regional countries like South Africa.
Yes it is a single entry ticket if you exit the gate you will have to pay again.

It is for full access to the Falls. Although there is no where that you can go beneath the Falls. There is one place where you can climb down some steps and look at the Falls from a lower angle.

No you cannot buy a family pass but children under 12 pay half price.

No you cannot buy a multiple pass, but you can stay in the park for as long as you like in any one day, as long as you don't exit the gate

Yes you can pay in SA Rands but the exchange rate is not favorable. You will pay R160 instead of US$20.

Try to take US$ with you instead of Rand as paying for anything except the supermarket works out very expensive, many places will use an exchange rate of 10 to 1

Nov 12, 2010
first time visitor
by: zarina

i have been hearing alot of confusing stories regarding my family visit for the first time to zimbabwe.

i will be travelling from south africa via messina, please can you advise what i can encounter.

at the border what can i expect, costs?, checks?
what can i bring in what must i not since i am traveeling with my family and going to a self catering lodge?

also what will it cost me for a booze cruise for 3 adults 1 teen(17yrs) 1 child(11yrs), can i book with you? can i pre-book from south africa?

what about river rafting? for one adult and 1 teen? we get there friday 24th and leave wednesday 29th december 2010? which day and what time is best,the cost and pre-booking option?

also i have 2 nights available at the lokhutulu lodge vic falls that i want to sell, do u know if i can get it sold, it is a six sleeper for the wednesday 29th and thursday 30th december, it is at a very reasonable rate compared to what the lodge charges per night.

is the prices of food like bread milk and fresh produce like south africa or is it more exopensive?

thanks much i appreactiate it for all the other replies that was prompt and concise, it helped me alot alreasdy

Nov 12, 2010
Answers to questions
by: Tony

Hi Zarina

Regarding the border - my advice would be to avoid Bietbridge at all costs at that time of year, it is an incredibly busy border and you will be delayed for a long time.
I would go via Botswana through martins drift via Francistown and then Kasane. It will cost you about P160 to enter Botswana but this is well worth it as these border posts are much more pleasant.
When travelling back ie going south it is not to bad.
I will send you a copy of our downloadable guide if you send me you email address and this will answer many of your questions regarding border costs, allowances etc.

Regarding the activities, go onto our activities page on our website, http://www.victoriafalls-guide.net/victoria-falls-activities.html
I hope that this will give you the information that you are looking for. You will also find a price list of all the activities you can do. You can easily pre book and pay for everything before you go, you just need to send us a booking enquiry form and we will arrange everything for you, and it wont cost you any more than if you do it when you get there and you can pay directly into and SA bank account. Vic Falls is incredibly busy over xmas and new year and I would definitely recommend pre booking activities as they will almost certainly be fully booked if you leave it till the last moment.

Vic Falls accommodation is 100% fully booked over this period so if you send us more details regarding lokuthula I am sure that we will have someone who would like to use it.

On the whole grocery prices are slightly more expensive than SA about 10 to 20% but it depends on the product. A loaf of bread will cost you between R6 and R7 and a cokes and beers about the same, so no point in taking those, but wine will cost you a lot more than in SA. Quality of meat is not brilliant and the choice not great. Take what you can, but you will not go hungry as you can buy everything there.
I hope that helps

Feb 16, 2013
Entrance fees
by: Dawie Fourie

Please advise me whether the fees to and from the falls will be unchanged during 2013?
Thank you!

Hi Dawie

Yes the fees for 2013 are unchanged


Mar 27, 2013
entry fee
by: Anonymous

please advise if these fees apply on the zambian side,and for zambian nationals how much does it cost?

Entrance fees to the Zambian side of the Falls cost $20 for international visitors, for local Zambians I am not sure but I think it is about $5 each.

Zambian nationals entering the Zimbabwe side pay the regional rate which is $20 per person

Jan 10, 2014
by: Cecilia Hubner



Hi Cecilia

Entrance fees to Victoria Falls Zimbabwe have not changed for 2014.

International US$30
Regional US$20 or R200
Local US$7

If your husband has a valid residence permit for South Africa in his German passport he can then pay the Regional rate which is R200.

Jan 21, 2014
Victoria falls fees
by: Bonolo

Me and my partner and some friends are planning to come down to Victoria falls in December 2014. would you advise on which resort will be suitable for us and what the costs would be. and also advice on how to secure bookings as i know that time of the year most places are fully booked.


Hi Bonolo

If there is a group of you by far the best value is to try to get into the self-catering units at Lokuthula or Rest camp. These do get booked up in December but you are planning quite far ahead so you might be lucky. Other than that there is a range of B&B's, small lodges and Hotels and it really depends on your budget your group size and your preferences. If you can contact us through our booking enquiry form with a few more details we will be able to help you get exactly the right place. Once we have found you the right place then you will need to pay a deposit to secure the booking. This can be done via credit card or bank transfer which ever is easiset for you

Look foward to hearing from you


May 31, 2014
Multiple activities at Falls
by: Anonymous

Where is the entry to the park? If I do three different things morning, afternoon and evening, could I have to pay $30 three times in a day?

By Tony

The $30 entrance fee is to get into the see the Victoria Falls only. This is the only activity you can do on entering this gate. The other activities you are likely do be doing won't be through this gate.
You would need to tell me what other activities you are doing then I can tel you if there are any other park fees that you will need to pay. For instance a sunset cruise you have to pay a $10 park fee, a helicopter flight you pay a $12 park fee. Some other activities there are no park fees.

Jun 25, 2014
First time visitor with family
by: Anonymous

Can you please advise on best place to stay in the Vic falls and things to do for two adults and a 7 year old child over 3 days. Please include entrance fees in South African Rands or US Dollars, which currency can one use?

Jul 15, 2014
Entrance fee into Vic Falls
by: Anonymous

Good day, what will the entrance fee into Vic Falls be in December 2014, just to see the Falls. We are South Africans?

Entrance fees for South Africans are $20 or R200 per person.
Internationals are $30

Sep 29, 2014
by: Anonymous

we will be there this saturday from Gaborone, how much is the fee. i'v heard people saying its 50 US Dollars

Sep 30, 2014
Entrance fees
by: Tony

As has been posted numerous times on this thread.

SADAC/Regional $20
International $30

If you are from Botswana you will pay the SADAC rate of $20

If you go on a guided tour of the falls then you need to add the cost of the tour which is about $22. This is maybe why you have heard people saying it is $50. But the tour is not compulsory and has to be prebooked with one of the tour operators or ourselves. Booking enquiry form

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How much do I pay to enter the falls

by Saara
(Windhoek, Namibia)

How much do you pay to enter the falls

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Jul 25, 2011
Fee for Entrance Zambian Side
by: Anonymous

Just there 21-7-11
ON the Zambian side
$20 US dollars per person for non Zambian's
7000 Kwacha per Zambian Resident
5000 Kwacha for parking

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Park fees

by Elsie Schafer
(Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, SA)

We have booked a trip - flying from JHB, staying at Vic Falls Hotel, paid for Chobe day trip, Tour of the falls + Sundowner cruise. We use Rands in SA - apparently we still have to pay the park fees for the Chobe + Falls trip. Could you tel me how much would it be more or less for 2 people. I was told that those fees are to be paid in US Dollars. Looking forward to our trip. Thanks

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Nov 27, 2010
Contact booking agent
by: Tony

I think you will have to go back to the booking agent who booked your trip for you. It all depends on how they packaged it together for you, fees could well be included and should be. If they know what they are doing they can help you with this info.

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by Naomi

Could you kindly inform me what all the fees are for visiting the Victoria Waterfalls in December 2012?

Hello Naomi

The fees are $20 for sadac residents and $30 for international travellers

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Tour of the Falls Prices

Can you please advise on the amount of US$ needed for a one day sightseeing tour of the Falls.
(accomodation excluded)


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May 04, 2010
Victoria Falls Prices
by: Afrizim.com

All the prices can be found under Victoria Falls-Tourist Attractions or Activities on Afrizim.com website

May 04, 2010
Tour Prices
by: Boo

Hi Ovas

A guided tour of the Falls currently costs $46 per person this includes the entrance fee of $30. It also includes collection and drop off from which ever hotel you are staying in at the Falls.

We do recommended a guided tour as the guides are very knowledgeable and it gives you you a full insight into these magnificent Falls.

A guided tour last about 2.5 hrs, so there is plenty of time to do some other activities, have a look at our price list for whats available.

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by Ann van Zyl
(Cape Town, Western Provence, South Africa)

What is the tariff to enter the Victoria falls reserve as a day visitor from South Africa? Can we pay in Rand?

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How much does it cost to get into Victoria Falls ?

by Jade
(Sydney, Australia)

How much does it cost to get in to victoria falls, or to spend the day there?

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Aug 18, 2010
entry cost to the falls
by: Tony

International clients US$30
SADC Clients US$20

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price to go and see the falls

How much does it cost to see the falls.

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Feb 24, 2010
Please see recent question
by: Tony


Thank you for contacting us, if you look at the top of these FAQ's you will see the answer to your question.

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Cost to get into the Falls

Does anyone know what the cost is to get into the Falls on the Zim side in 2010?

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Feb 04, 2010
I Was There 3 weeks ago
by: Giancarlo

but do not remember the cost for entry. Anyway ...any amount is not enough for the wonderfull atmsophere.

As I think it will difficult to go there once more in my life sure in next days I will unsuscribe , but before I would like to thank everybody for the contribution of this site.
Thanks also tio all lovely people of VictoriaFalls.
If anybody is afraid to go there.....I just want to say: Go and enjoy everything.

Feb 04, 2010
Entry fees into the Falls
by: Tony

Entry fees are;

US$ 20 for foreign nationals
US$ 15 for SADAC country states
US$ 5 for local Zimbabweans

Passports are required to prove nationality. This is a one time entrance, you have to pay again if you exit and enter later in the day.

A guided tour costs US$ 36 this includes the entrance fee and pickup and drop off from your local hotel. Which is quite nice when it gets really hot.

Feb 11, 2010
Price increase
by: Tony

National Parks on Friday the 8th of February,announced price increases for entry and river usage fees, we have today been advised that the increments will be enforced as of the 1st May 2010.

New Entry Fees into Victoria Falls

International clients US$30
SADC Clients US$20

Aug 05, 2014
Vic falls entry
by: Sinnerman

What is the fee paid by an individual from COMESA countries including East Africans?

Aug 07, 2014
SADAC members
by: Anthony

These are the countries that are SADAC members which pay an entry fee of $20 all other countries pay $30 entrance

Democratic Republic of Congo
South Africa
United Republic of Tanzania

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