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Finally... a Downloadable Guide that Covers Everything You'll Need to Know...


20% of All Proceeds Are Donated to Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit
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Electronic travel guide written by local Victoria Falls travel experts based in Victoria Falls

Whether you are here for a day or a month our downloadable guide will show you how to maximize your time spent here.

Victoria Falls as a destination speaks for itself. Every year hundreds of thousand of people flock here to marvel at this Natural Wonder of the World.

But how do you find out exactly what goes on there? Like everyone else you probably have a hundred questions, ranging from where to stay and what to do - right down to what electrical plugs to use and everything in between.

We get asked these same questions every day, by people travelling to Victoria Falls.

People searching for answers but struggling to find them. This guide has been born out of those countless questions, which we have answered and then put down in an easy to read format for you.

On top of that we have then added every other bit of useful information, facts and figures we can think of.

But there is way more than just information we have also thrown in a whole bunch of extras like discounts, maps, tours, photographs, slideshows, screensavers, language guides, pricelists and checklists.

If you are planning on going to Victoria Falls, this e-book guide has all the information you'll ever need. (What's an e-book?)


100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Your Money Back

Money back guarantee

"Hi Tony and Boo

We were really confused with all that there was to do, we were getting really flustered. Once we had downloaded your guide from your website, we were really able to get a clear understanding of what's was going on in Victoria Falls. Our trip went perfectly and we want to thank you as I'm sure you saved us so much time and money."

Brendan and Glynn (Sommerset, UK)


Here are Just Some of the Things That You Will Discover

NOT knowing this stuff can cost you time and money, but worse than that it can spoil your  whole holiday......

• Money for instance - Can I pay by card? Can I get cash from the ATM's?  What currency do they use?

• Is it safe? - Zimbabwe is always in the news for the wrong reasons, we clarify as to why this is a safe destination.

• What's the difference between the Zimbabwe and Zambian sides of Victoria Falls?

• Important telephone numbers - These are golden and are essential for planning or if you get stuck there.

• Health - How important is this one!! What do I do about malaria?  What medical facilities are there and how do I contact them?

• What are Zimbabwe's entry requirements and costs, both personal and for a vehicle?

• What are my import allowances?

• Is there internet access - where and how much?

• Can I use my cell phone there?

• What time does the border post or national parks open and close?

• How much does it cost to get into see the Falls?

• What's the weather like? Our year calendar details seasonal shifts and the effect this has on Victoria Falls the animals and the vegetation.

• Sunrise, sunset, average temperatures, river level and rainfall are all included.

• Where do I shop and what can I buy?

• Full list of Restaurants and their telephone numbers and our top 3 choices.

• Where do you go to enjoy a bit of nightlife?

• How do I get around? Are there buses, taxis, how much do they cost?

• There are Dozens of Tips in just about every section which will save you money, time and frustration.

• Plus lots lots more....

There is so much To Do and To See... after all it is the Adventure and Adrenaline Capital of Africa if not the World.

We have included an "Activity Fact File" about all the activities. Nowhere else will you find such comprehensive information about all the activities on offer by all of the different tour operators. It's Not a Sales Brochure from a single company. Its solid, straight forward information about all the companies and what they have on offer.

Not only do we thoroughly explain what each activity entails but we also tell you about....

• Professional, safe and reliable operators. Be careful not to waste your money on unreliable companies

• In-depth information on the trips available including pick-up and drop-off times. How else can you plan a schedule? Generally people only come here for 2 to 3 days, they try to cram in to much and then spoil it, by missing some of the things they have booked.

• What's included in the price.

• What To Bring and What NOT to Bring.

• Age, weight and any other restrictions


"I have just completed reading your Travel Guide and Activity guide, and wish to congratulate you Both. Very informative indeed, and all relevant information is supplied in advance of your holiday.

We are from the fraternity that believe in pre-research in order to really get the best out of a trip. I found your guides great. Thanks"

Rob Goulden (Cape Town)

Apart from all of the above information....How else can this guide help you?

Well we have included a whole bunch of extras that we think are of real value to you. Things like....

Maps - We have had our own maps professionally designed and produced, this enables us to keep them updated. The National Geographic maps available on sale elsewhere are over 7 years old. We have included a map showing the whole of the Victoria town and outlying hotels etc and then there is a town centre map which includes, shops, restaurants, banks and other really important stuff.

Tour of the Falls (includes a map) - We have written this section to enhance your time spent at the actual waterfall. Detailing all the viewpoints and what you are likely to see from each one. We have also included some history and information on the more common flora and fauna which you are likely to see.

Bird and mammal checklist - Includes 56 mammal species and 440 bird species that you can see in the Victoria Falls region. Rare specials endemic to Victoria Falls have been highlighted for easy reference.

Price lists - Comprehensive accurate price list of what you can expect to pay for all the activities and transfers offered by all the tour operators.

Ndebele Language guide - a quick guide to help you communicate in the local language for basic day to day requirements.

Not so well known things To Do and See - Apart from the host of popular activities available from all the tour operators we have include a selection of our local recommendations of things you can do, that you won't find in any travel agency.


Why Buy a Guide From Us?

Having lived in Victoria Falls for many years we feel we know it really well (read our About us Page). We feel privileged to have an in-depth knowledge of this area but also to have been fortunate enough to learn how to turn this into information that can be accessed through the internet. We are pretty confident in stating that at this stage, there is no other resource of this kind that you can buy in the shops or on the internet.

We have given a local unbiased perspective on everything at Victoria Falls in the hope of giving you a solid foundation to make your plans and decisions.


Who is This Guide for?

If you are tired of searching the internet for information on Vic Falls and all you seem to come up with is patchy info, that you are not sure whether you can rely on, then this guide is for you. If you want to maximize your time spent at Victoria Falls, then this guide is for you.

Most people only stay here for a few days, but many miss out on what's available because of limited knowledge. By having this guide you will be sure Not miss a thing. The local information contained will be invaluable for the first time visitor who just hasn't a clue what to expect but also for return visitor, who is coming back to experience the magic of this place.

If you want to be organised and have everything arranged by the time you get here, then this guide will give you all the information you need to do that planning. If you are one of those people wanting to wait till you get there, you will have all the necessary information at your fingertips.


What is an e-guide and how does it differ from a normal book?

An E-guide stands for electronic guide; meaning that the contents are sent to you via the internet, electronically. You then save the information onto your computer and you print out the information you want.

E-guides have Seven Distinct Advantages.

  1. The biggest advantage is the instant delivery. Once your payment has been processed, you will have immediate access to download all the components of this e-guide that have been mentioned above. No time wasted waiting for delivery, you can start reading straight away.

  2. There are no postage or packaging costs. No worry about it getting damaged or whether it will arrive or not. If it is not to your liking simply ask for a refund, you don't even have to post it back.

  3. Hard copy books take a long time to produce and are then printed in their thousands. The copy you buy could well be several years old and the information contained within it very outdated. This is why most hardcopy guides do not contain specifics as they are concerned with the time sensitivity of certain information. In comparison the e-guide you download, is today's copy. We update this e-guide whenever situations or circumstance in Zimbabwe change. All the content is current and accurate

  4. A single purchase allows you life time access and multiple downloads to the information in this e-guide. If you decide to travel to Victoria Falls again in ten years time, simply download the latest copy and you will once again have current information at your fingertips

  5. An e-guide has web links embedded in the content, linked to in-depth information on websites. You are able to access this information at the click of a mouse.

  6. You can print an e-guide out as many times as you like. It's a working manual that you are going to use, not a pretty picture book that looks nice on your book shelf. If your e-guide gets damaged - print another one.

  7. You get a full money back guarantee. We could NOT offer this guarantee on a real book because of the publishing costs. Once you buy a real book you have to keep it. In contrast, if you are not satisfied with this e-guide, simply ask for your money back.

20% of Proceeds Go To The Victoria Falls Anti Poaching Unit

Victoria Falls Anti poaching unit logo

We have made the decision to donated 20% of the proceeds from the sale of this e-book to the Victoria Falls Anti Poaching Unit (VFAPU)

VFAPU, established in January 1999 is committed to the conservation of wildlife around the Victoria Falls region. Sadly poaching is forever escalating and VFAPU's task is enormous.

Without these dedicated organisations our wildlife would ALREADY be a thing of the past. Successes to date include the removal of more than 20 000 wire snares and the arrest of over 400 poachers. The VFAPU team serve tirelessly on limited funds to save our heritage. We owe and honour them for that.

Our hope is to generate some serious revenue from this e-guide to keep VFAPU operational. In doing so we ALL are protecting and safeguarding this unique and phenomenal area for generations to come.


Hi - We have just returned from Victoria Falls. What an amazing place and the people are so friendly. Your e guide was fantastic a really helped us in deciding what to do. We decided not to take the guided tour but just printed out the one from your guide. It is brilliant. Can't wait to go back and do some of the other activities on offer.

Dave Sinclair -Sydney Australia


PS Your Victoria Falls Travel Guide in e-format is extremely user friendly, with no postage time, one can get it downloaded and put to good use immediately.

It is set out in a very easy~to~follow manner which makes using it a pleasure. You seemed to have covered every query I can think of asking…and then of course going through the guide with your webpage showing additional info and activity prices just make life so much easier.

Knowing what activities are available even before we put our foot in the country makes budget and time planning a breeze. Thank you, we can’t wait to get there and start holiday~ing!!!

Sandy van Rensburg -South Africa


Very comprehensive, very nice maps. I'm sure it will be very helpful for me when I'm there. I especially like the many details about activities, including who picks up and at what time. I have been doing a lot of online research and found much of the information available on the many, many websites vague at best. For instance, it took me forever to figure out that everyone keeps talking about "Victoria Falls" but some mean the falls, and others the town, and that some activities take place in Zambia only, and others in Zimbabwe only. Your information is much clearer.

Julia Pracht


Ready to order ?


The Victoria Falls Travel Guide costs only US$12.99 US$4.99 (R80.00)

That's less than the cost of a single entrance fee to The Victoria Falls and a tiny fraction of what a private guide would cost.

The freshly updated information in our guide will enhance your trip dramatically, you've paid so much to get here, surely now you want to make the most of your holiday and Not miss anything.

You will almost certainly even save big money by avoiding simple mistakes. Just read our Tips in every section.

Heck the maps alone are worth the price, let alone the photographs and all the other stuff. (Outdated 2003 National Geographic Vic Falls Map on Amazon costs $8.90)

A Guided Tour of the Falls alone costs $25 per person (excl entrance fees), with our printable guide you probably don't need to take the Guided Tour. Share it amongst all of you and save a fortune.

Besides all of that you know that you have contributed to a worthy cause the Victoria Falls Anti Poaching Unit helping to preserve our wildlife for years to come.


To Summarise this is just some of what you get for your money:

Freshly updated, clear and concise information on everything you need to know at Victoria Falls. Including money saving Tips and Secret activities only the locals know about.

Activity Fact File on everything you can do in Victoria Falls from bungee jumping to big five game experiences.

30 beautiful photographs to use however you like, plus a lovely slide show and a screen saver included.

• New maps of the Victoria Falls area and an enlarged town centre map.

"Tour of the Falls" - this in depth guide and map will dramatically enhance your visit to the Falls themselves.

Bird and mammal checklist specific to this region.

Victoria Falls calendar which includes information on seasonal shifts, what's happening, rainfall, temperatures, river level, sunrise and sunset.

Price lists of all the activities to help you budget what you can and can't do.

• An Ndebele language guide

• Plus you get a 100% unconditional Money Back Guarantee, if it's not what you hoped for.

That's right...No Quibble guarantee, if you don't like it just contact us and you will receive a quick and courteous refund. No questions asked. (except we would like to know how to improve)

Electronic travel guide written by local Victoria Falls travel experts based in Victoria Falls
Money back guarantees

 Only US$12.99

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South African customers who want to pay in Rand via a bank transfer.

 Only R 80.00

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What happens once you click the Buy Now button:

You will be directed to a secure order form with details of your purchase. If you already have a Paypal account registered you can complete your purchase easily through Paypal. If you Do Not have a Paypal account you will be given the option to pay by credit card or to register a secure Paypal account.

Once your payment has been processed and verified you will automatically be directed to a secure download page where you can download the Victoria Falls Destination Guide Files. If this does not happen automatically, just click the orange button that says "Complete your purchase". Don't worry if you forget to. You will also receive an email with the download links and your unique code.

Any problems just contact us and we will help to sort it out.

Thank you and best wishes

Tony and Boo

PS. This e-guide will almost certainly save you more money than it costs but not only that, 20% of the proceeds go to an incredibly worthy cause (VFAPU) helping to Protect the Victoria Falls local wildlife.

PPS. We have spent and enormous amount of time creating this guide and feel absolutely confident that we have included everything you need to know when visiting Victoria Falls. However if you feel for any reason that it does not meet your expectations, then simply let us know and we will gladly refund you your money in full. You can even keep or use all the discounts, photographs, maps and other things. A Rock Solid Guarantee, guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Electronic travel guide written by local Victoria Falls travel experts based in Victoria Falls
Money back guarantees

 Only US$12.99
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South African customers who want to pay in Rand via a bank transfer.

 Only R 80.00

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