Nyami Nyami will wait.

by Wazza

The dam wall of Lake Kariba is in pretty sad condition, and requires continuous maintenance to stop seepage and slippage. In the inevitable event of rupture of the Kariba Dam Wall ( It is the only one left standing of the five designed and built by that particular engineering group)the volume of water is predicted to fill Mana Pools from escarpment to escarpment and then overwhelm Cabora Bassa which will also fail.
The disaster is already in place and just waiting for the right time to happen.

I do not hold out much hope for the survival of the Seaway, so let them spend the money, and they can watch it head out to the Indian Ocean.

I have lived and worked on this river from the Falls to the Delta and can only assume that a risk analysis of this project has not been done. Investing in this would be a bit like tap dancing in a minefield.

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