What would you expect from an engineer?

by Inge Skliros
(Brandon, MB Canada)

Cape Buffalo at Mana Pools NP

Cape Buffalo at Mana Pools NP

An engineer from Leeds? I wonder if Roger has a vested interest in this project? I wonder if he's already involved in the planning which would mean potentially considerable income for him in the future. Has Roger ever even been to the Zambezi River? Not just as an 'engineer' bent on destroying a world heritage site, but as a tourist, savouring the wonders of this river. Has he seen the herds of elephant that come down to the river to drink, the hippos submerged in the pools, the waterbuck, the buffaloes, the occasional lions? I'll bet not. He should be ashamed to even THINK about destroying this last pristine waterway in Africa which, in better times in Zimbabwe, drew considerable tourist dollars to the country.

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