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Best Places To Visit In Africa For College Students

If you are a student looking for some possibilities to go on a field trip, Africa is going to be one of the life changing destinations. Its magnificent nature along with a bustling urban lifestyle will leave you astounded. While you are still choosing the most interesting place to travel, this variant is worth your attention. What is more, many entertainment options may come for half price if you show your student ID at the cash desk. Traveling to Africa is not something to miss!

Best places in Africa to travel for college students

1. Victoria Falls

The majestic beauty and power of the Falls, one of the largest waterfalls in the world, is accompanied by an incessant roar and a million splashes forming a cloud of steam and fog. The speed and force of the waterfall vary depending on the season and time of year. In the same way, the possible entertainment activities for tourists differ as well. Get inspired, come in any season to see and experience this waterfall in a new guise!

2. Tanzania

This land is one of the finest journey goals for any university student due to its location. Most travelers go on safaris to enjoy its rich natural world.

You can also see Lake Natron, meet the Maasai local tribe or climb the highest peak in Africa, Kilimanjaro. It's not the cheapest but check with your university to see if they can give you a discounted student offer. That way, you can have your dream vacation there for a nice price.

According to James MacElm, a travel agent who specializes in student trips, and is also a writer at PapersOwl, "Traveling to African countries is becoming more and more popular among students throughout the world. It is taking the first place and outranking even Europe which used to be the number one destination. Tourists in Africa are welcomed with outstanding hospitality, Tanzania being the center of their cultural heritage". He continues by adding: "the visitors are largely attracted by nature, and student discounts make these trips affordable."

3. Zanzibar

This island is one of the most beautiful sites ever. Just a 2-hour ferry ride from the Tanzanian capital, Zanzibar is famous for its attractive sandy beaches. Among them, Kizimkazi is considered the perfect place and relaxing spot for tourists. One can swim with dolphins for free there. For those who'd love to have a unique visit, it is absolutely recommended to savor the sky-blue water of Nakupenda or the "Vanishing Island".

4. Serengeti National Park

Recognized as a UNESCO Heritage Site, Serengeti is the biggest ecoregion in Africa, virtually untouched by human influence to date. It is a site of colossal annual animal migrations, where hundreds of thousands of zebras, wildebeest, and other herbivores move to new habitats in search of food and shelter.

Serengeti National Park - A great place to visit in Africa

You'll find many camping areas close to the wildlife parks to stay overnight and save yourself a couple of hundred dollars. Later, you will have the option to spend it on a hot air balloon ride to enjoy a splendid aerial view.

5. Mauritius

A vacation on the island of Mauritius is a unique chance to discover a bright lifestyle with an everlasting summertime. It strikes immediately with its natural beauty and colonial history.

The island is in the western part of the Indian Ocean. Its coastline of white sandy beaches and clear ocean water is a particular point of interest. The southern shore is notable for the nature reserves of La Vanilla and Ile aux Egret, where one can observe giant turtles.

6. Cairo

Serengeti National Park - A great place to visit in Africa

In addition to being a harbor to many of the best universities in Africa, this developed city attracts nearly a million tourists per annum. Markets, crowded, bustling streets, mosques, cruise ships on the Nile River, the great pyramids of Giza, the Museum of Ancient Egypt, and much more are just a small part of the average student's list of attractions to complete.

7. Masai Mara National Reserve

The reserve attracts not only tourists but also writers, documentarians, university researchers, and journalists. In addition to encountering 95 species of animals, including groups of elephants and buffalo, hippos and giraffes, zebras, and gazelles, as well as feline predators, you can also take impressive photographs and videos of Masai Mara's unique landscape.

8. Cape Town

It is a megapolis on the coast of South Africa known for its harbors and scenic locations, such as Cape-Point and Maclear's Beacon. This vibrant capital is the most popular destination for tourists as well as university learners because of its Mediterranean climate, cosmopolitan culture, and traditional natural setting. Visiting Cape Town is a must.

9. Kruger National Park

The Kruger Reserve, located in the northern part of the SAR, in the east of the Transvaal, can be rightly called the oldest park in the state. This is largely due to its busy schedule of school trips and the huge influx of tourists during the summer season. It remains one of the few territories where the amazing animals in Africa have been preserved, and the importance of this unique natural site will only increase in the future.

10. Madagascar

Madagascar is an island nation resembling a large nature sanctuary. Every new visitor to the nation finds interesting things to see in Madagascar: recreation at the seaside is complemented by eco-tourism in the protected regions. You can try to go on these trips yourself for cheap. However, it is far more intriguing if the guides will organize the most memorable type of vacation in Madagascar. The first thing tourists usually see is Antananarivo, one of the most unusual cities on the planet. Then, a long road will take you to the Reserve of Cinji du Bemaraha. There you can go on an outdoor safari or relax in nature.

11. Botswana

A couple of millennia B.C., the territory of modern Botswana was already home to the most ancient human ancestors. Even today, this pristine and virgin nature, carefully preserved in conservation zones, fascinates university scientists who come here to study anthropology and zoology. Meanwhile, the opportunity to embrace the culture of the locals, so ancient and alien, makes this state Africa's best location to discover its cultural heritage.


You may ask yourself, "Which African country do I want to visit first?" With so many exciting opportunities for college learners, it won't be an easy choice. Should you choose to visit the Egyptian museum or explore natural reservations, you will definitely have a myriad of memories.

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