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Common Types of Accidents while Traveling

by Guest Blogger

8 March 2022

When you are traveling, you just hope that everything will go nice and smooth. However, sometimes, karma is not with you – and the fact that you are in a foreign place does not help either.

You can be in a different city, state, or country – it will not matter. When you are traveling, you expose yourself to a multitude of dangers. Here are the most common types of accidents that often occur while traveling.

1. Tripping Accidents

It might seem like tripping happens everywhere, but the chances for it to happen on your trip are much higher. You are constantly rushing, be it to catch a train or flight, or to reach your next destination – all while carrying a mountain of luggage with you.

This can be potentially dangerous because one moment of negligence can cause you to trip. You may also injure yourself while visiting a certain area – you are fascinated by the sights, but fail to see that there is an obstacle at your feet. The potential for tripping injuries is endless.

2. Slip & Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are also very common when you are traveling. While there is a similarity to tripping accidents, there is also a difference: you didn't trip on your own feet, but rather, on something slippery on the floor.

This can be anything, from ice and snow outside to a wet floor in a supermarket. Or maybe you were in the pool and fell on the slippery floor into the water. Sometimes, it's your fault; you were careless.

However, other times, you were just a victim. An employer, for example, forgot to put up a "wet floor" sign and you slipped right on that floor. If that is your case, then you might as well even hold them liable for your accident.

3. Traffic Accident

Traffic accidents represent the most common cause of accidents when you are traveling, especially for people coming into a different country. For example, let's say that a business trip brings you from London to Clarksville. When this happens, you'll need to follow different traffic rules – and most confusingly for most people, drive on the "wrong side" of the road.

If you are involved in this kind of accident, then you will want to look into Clarksville personal injury lawyers. They will take your situation into account, and try to solve it considering the law of that particular state. You might feel tempted to bring your lawyer from your own state or country, but a lawyer from Clarksville will be much more familiar with the specific law of the place.

4. Muggings

Travelers very often have one thing to fear when they go to a new place: muggers. As someone coming for the first time in a certain city/country, your eyes are all over the place. The way you are looking around will give away the fact that you are a tourist – and as muggers often know, tourists are, most of the time, loaded with money.

Usually, muggers try to scare you into giving them your money. They intend to steal from you, not to hurt you. It's your stuff that they are after. However, if you do not agree to their request or do not protect yourself against the crime, this may result in injury. Most muggers don't even realize what they do until they injure you, and a mugging gone wrong can cause a lot of long-lasting physical damage.

5. Animal Injuries

As a traveler going to places where there are many animals, you will feel tempted to pet or play with the animals. Perhaps you go to the zoo or a sanctuary, and decide it is a good idea to play “let’s feed the elephant.” Or perhaps you try to take a photo with an animal, and the decision comes back to bite you – literally.

One man, for example, was bitten by a monkey in Bali and risked getting rabies after it. Such a bite requires you to seek medical attention, get tetanus shots and rabies vaccines, and go through a fair amount of danger and stress.

Each situation is different, but if the injury leads to long-lasting damage – and it's not the traveler's fault – then they may press charges for the injury.

The Bottom Line

When you travel, you always hope that you'll have a good time and return home refreshed. Sometimes, your wish comes true. Other times, you come back with an injury that follows you through life. If the accident was not your fault and compensation is necessary, then you might want to opt for the help of a lawyer.

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