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Jan 24, 2011
jhb to vic falls
by: zarina

take martinsdrift border post they operate 8 to 8 that 180km out of potgitersrus, then you take kazangula bordrr post kasane area,
from there it is 75km to vicfall town

in botswana petrol is 6.12pula (may have increased from dec 2010) dont fill tank as garage just about 2km after border you will have to pay road taxes 90 pula, but if you travelling back thru botswana buy dual its cheaper and saves the hassles of haveing to que again at cahier
in zimbabwe road taxes will cost you r380, unless you buy the insurance from AA which you can show there and save the hassle of queing to pay.

botswana u must convert pulas as they dont take our rands

at zim border you ca pay with rands

no other costs at borders

you can cross the border from zim into zambia you must arrane a taxi to take you that side, we did not do that so not sure what taxes are involved if any as these are private taxis, hpowever you can walk a distance tough across the bridge and catch a taxi on he zambia side after you have done border control
the wqalk across the bridge is awesom and you get to watch the andenalin activities

Jan 25, 2011
Entry requirements
by: Tony


If you are on SA passports you will not need Visa's for Zim or Zambia.

Requirements to bring a vehicle into Zimbabwe for holiday purposes

✔ Original or Police certified copy of vehicle registration book and a certified letter of permission to use the vehicle if the registration book is not in the drivers name.

✔ Non Zimbabwe vehicles pay a Carbon Tax valid for 30 days. Cost depends on engine size.
Below 1500cc US$6
1501 to 2000cc US$11
2001 to 3000cc US$15
3001cc and above US$30

✔ 3rd Party Insurance - cost approx US$30 for the 1month. Alternatively obtain a Comesa
Yellow card from an Insurance Provider. This is Valid for all SADCC countries.

✔ T.I.P - (Temporary Import Permit) No Charge. Issued at the border

✔ C.V.G (Commercial Vehicle Guarantee) About SAR $120 for Hire Vehicles

✔ Road Access Fee ? US$10 per vehicle per entry into the country

✔ Zimbabwe law requires that all vehicles have 2 x white round reflective tape on the front
bumper and 2 x 6 inch red reflective tape on the rear bumper. You can get fined if you don?t
have these.

✔ New law states that vehicles must have two red warning triangles and a fire extinguisher

Tip 1: Carry your drivers licence and vehicle entry documents (specifically the Temporary
Import Permit (T.I.P) and Zimbabwe Insurance) with you at all times, to avoid any hassles at
the road blocks.
Tip 2: pay for all the above charges in US$ cash as opposed to other currencies. If fees are
converted to other currencies, it will be done at an unfavourable exchange rate for you and will cost you more money.

Yes you can easily cross over to Zambia for a few hours. I wouldn't take your vehicle into Zambia, either walk across the bridge or take a taxi to the Zambian side, its very easy.

Jun 02, 2011
Zim & Zambia entry fees
by: Anonymous

Hi, just need more info on this matter please.

We are South Africans travelling from South Africa, trough Botwana to Zambia and then through Zimbabwe. We are only staying in Zambia for the campsites seem to be better that side. Could you please advise how much it cost to cross the border per person and vehicle into Zambia and then Zimbabwe. Or do you recommend we leave out Zambia and just stay in Zimbabwe, if so, do you know a great campsite on the Zim side of the falls?

would so appreciate any advise.

Jun 02, 2011
Zambia entry Costs
by: Tony


SA passport holders do not need visas into Zambia, so there is no cost there.

[Vehicle entry fees are:]
Carbon tax: based on engine type - K50 to K200 000. has to be paid in Kwacha.
Car Insurance: US$30 valid 1 month
Toll Fee: To Livingstone only - US$10.
Rest of Zambia US$20.00

To me it seems like an unnecessary cost unless you have another reason to visit Zambia. It is nice to see the Falls from that side aswell, but obviously you need to weigh up the costs.
Crossing at Botswana into Zambia is via the ferry which can take quite a long time and obviously incurs more costs.

Rest Camp is a brilliant camp site in the middle of Vic Falls town, clean ablution blocks, nice grassy area, shaded trees, great restaurant and pool area.

Not sure what you are after specifically looking for in the campsites in Zambia.

You can camp in the Zambezi National park as well but facilities are very limited.

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