Heatwave or Summer? Either Way, Stay Comfortable

(Victoria Falls)

31 October 2019

Southern Africa in general seems to be experiencing a bit of a heat wave of late, and the Zambezi River area certainly feels the burn perhaps more than most places in Zimbabwe, with temperatures reaching and exceeding 40 deg C (104 deg F).

However, we are expecting the temperatures to subside and the rainy season to start slowly in the next few days, so there should be some cooling sometime this week.

In case it does carry on for a bit longer than expected, or if you just find Victoria Falls summer a bit uncomfortable, we have put together some tips which will help make your stay more bearable.

1. The most obvious and most important advice is that you must stay hydrated. Carry in insulated water bottle with you at all times.
2. Try to stay under shade as much as possible.
3. With exciting activities in Victoria Falls, you may find that you are spending more time outdoors, so wear loose clothing but protect your skin. Cotton is the most comfortable fabric to have on in the summer. Wear light cotton covering clothes, or slap on the sunscreen.
4. Always wear a hat when going out into the sun. Wear sunglasses – your eyes are important too.
5. Keep a hankie, bandanna or cooling scarf that you can wet around your neck. This really helps to
cool you down. If you do wear light clothes that cover your skin, you can try wetting them if it gets to be too much.
6. The hottest times of the day are between 11am and 4pm. Try to avoid booking afternoon activities where you spend hours out in the sun during these times.
7. Use the swimming pools at your hotel/lodge. Almost all Victoria Falls lodges and hotels have swimming pools. Safari/luxury camps in the surrounding area will also have pools, and/or private plunge pools.
8. Avoid excess alcohol. This is a tough one. If you are out on a jol, try to drink water in between your other beverages.
9. Avoid too much sugar and too much salt.
10. If you have a small portable fan, this will help to keep your wet clothes cool as well.
12. Hop into the shower for a cold one to help cool your body down. Or you can douse your feet in cold water or ice water if there is any available for your room.

So if you’re packing right now, make sure you include your swimming gear, wide beamed hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, oral re-hydration salts (just in case), small portable fan and a cooling scarf or something similar.

For advice on your activities and which accommodation to select, please contact us.

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