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5 Lessons Learned By Travelers This Pandemic

by Guest Blogger

23 September 2021

The travel sector is one of the most affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. For a while, everything had to shut down to curb the spread of the virus. After some time, only essential traveling was allowed. Now, we have all adapted more to the new normal, and many places have implemented ways for people to visit them safely.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 scare caused most of us to be doubtful of traveling in its midst. Even though it is encouraged to stay at home, many of us still need to travel. After the world got used to various adjustments and everyone's racing to achieve herd immunity, it may not be that long before we could go back to worry-free trips.

Thus, it's important to instil back the confidence of people to travel. But before that, we should not move forward without some realizations handed over to us by the pandemic. Through all these challenges, most of us learned something worth sharing, particularly in exploring different places. Below are some of them.

Travel Is Essential

Despite using technology to meet face-to-face with colleagues, business partners, and other connections, being personally present to interact with the other individual in one place conveys more meaningful communication.

Moreover, there are times wherein one would need to go outside for business or even wellbeing purposes. Even with the encouragement to stay at home, the need to take trips is inevitable.

With this in mind, the skeptics learned that staying home is easier said than done. The best everyone could do is to travel safely, with the right protection, social distancing measures, and getting vaccinated when your turn comes.

Consider How Other People See The Situation

Some countries remain strict with their travel stipulations, while others are more lenient. The same goes with crossing state or provincial borders. While the head of your hometown sees it safe to lift the ban and other restraints, it doesn't mean that the neighboring city officials perceive the same thing.

By now, everyone should be wary that the COVID-19 stringency varies from one region to another. Thus, research the protocols and requirements of your destination. There were stories of travelers and locals who got penalized for not following the rules. In the end, instead of maximizing their time in that place, they had to pay for their violations. These instances could be avoided by simply reviewing local government guidelines and complying with them.

Tourist And Non-tourist Destinations Have Adjusted Well

The traveling industry has likely changed permanently. Destinations and establishments are aware of this and have prepared accordingly. These precautions should lessen the fear of taking trips since the chances of getting COVID-19 are significantly decreasing, as the statistics are not as high as before, especially in areas that require vaccine passports.

Make The Most Of Each Travel

We don't know when something like this will happen again, so one of the lessons people realized is to make each trip worthwhile. Take your time to truly be in the moment and enjoy the destination instead of focusing on documentation or taking Instagram-worthy pictures. Experiential travel gives you that sort of accomplishment you don't usually get from mere sight-seeing.


Traveling is a privilege nowadays, and the fact that you can opt to go to destinations, whether for leisure or business, is something to be grateful for. Experience each place you visit and appreciate all it has to offer. So, plan your next trip well, stay safe, and enjoy.

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