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Naughty Boys Meet Actress

by Clive Goodrich

Hi again

Guests at the Victoria Falls hotel wishing to have their shoes cleaned used to place them on the floor outside their rooms.

They were then collected cleaned and replaced. My friends and I would change the shoes from outside one room to another to the annoyance of the guests.

On one occasion we were making rather a lot of noise when the door opened and we were confronted with the most beautiful women that I had ever seen.

The lady invited us into her room and offered us a cold drink. It was then that I noticed a man sitting on the veranda.

The lady introduced herself as Jeanne Crane and the man was Dana Andrews and they were making a film on the Zambezi by the name of THE DUEL IN THE JUNGLE.

The film was being made on the north bank just up from the falls. Unfortunately there was a bad accident while making the film, one of the cameraman or directors fell into the river and drowned. His body was never found. I believe the film was made in 1954.

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