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Oprah Winfrey's Favourite Guest

by The Zimbabwean

This week’s story of a remarkable Zimbabwean, Tererai Trent (Pictured), gladdens the heart. Coming from a country where there isn’t much to celebrate, Trent’s extraordinary achievement is all the more amazing.
She has been chosen by Oprah Winfrey as the star’s favourite guest – from a list of 30,000 remarkable people who have been interviewed over a period of 25 years. That is quite a feat!
Tererai’s story is an inspiration to all. For a woman who only had two terms at primary school but has managed, through sheer hard work and determination, to educate herself to PhD level, is nothing short of miraculous. She achieved this despite having three children by the age of 18, and being married to an abusive husband who saw no value in education. We are told he used to beat her up for studying.
Despite her abject poverty and crushing personal circumstances, Tererai’s thirst for knowledge would not be extinguished. Her mother and fellow villagers shared her vision and sold their livestock to pay for her to go to the United States and follow her dreams.
Once she had her PhD, Tererai turned her attention to those who had helped her flee poverty and ignorance. She started a school in her village. Oprah’s donation of $1,5 million will not only educate all the children in the village, but will pay for teachers to be trained and facilitate a whole raft of developments in the area.
We salute this amazing woman and hope that many will be inspired by her example to go and do likewise. This story illustrates in a profound way the enormous goodwill that exists internationally towards the people of Zimbabwe.

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