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As many of you may well know we have been expecting our two female rhino Buster and Bambi to be visited by the stork and guess what, finally, last week Bambi was spotted fussing around her new bouncy baby girl. We decided we would provisionally name her Lindani which means the “long awaited one” in one of the local languages Ndebele, and goodness knows we’ve waited long enough.

A few days later, Buster not to be outdone, dropped her own little baby. We are yet to determine the sex of the baby because as you can imagine nobody is going to be getting too close uninvited, but the chosen name is provisionally Chippy which is derived from the word Chipembere meaning rhino in the local language Shona.

Proud daddy Shungu has been busy doing his rounds protectively checking on his family and ensuring that we all know he’s the man of the house.

We invite all our guests to the Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve to come on a Morning or Evening Game Drive and you may be lucky enough to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity to see the latest additions to the Shearwater safari family.

The Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve, formerly a hunting concession, is owned by Rani Africa and managed by Shearwater Victoria Falls. Over the past 10 years, Rani and Shearwater have worked very hard to reintroduce wildlife into the area with a special focus on conservation and preservation of the natural environment of the area. In 2007 Shearwater introduced the Black Rhino into the Reserve, this amazing creature has evolved very little from prehistoric times and with only about …..Black and ……White Rhino left in the Africa is gravely endangered. The rhinos were kept in bomas in order to habituate them to their surroundings and to ensure that all protective measures against poachers were solidly in place. After their subsequent release, they took to their new home and are under 24 hour watch by the Zimbabwe Republic Police and game scouts from the Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit.

The simultaneous birth of the two rhino babies marks the beginning of an exciting new stride towards our conservational goals, of which a rhino breeding programme is a big part of The Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve is the only place within a 150km radius that is privileged enough to have rhino and the bigger picture sees us releasing rhino into other areas with the success of the breeding programme. It is a fact that most Africans go through their entire lives without ever having seen a rhino let alone the average tourist – well this is your chance.

Shearwater Victoria Falls and Rani Africa are proud to be part of this noble cause and with your valued support, know we can take it to greater heights. Join us in saving the rhino and restoring our beautiful Africa to what it was.

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