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Tichaona Ncube Artist

In Victoria Falls, you will find a number of artists present, particularly in the city centre. There are a couple of hubs where artists get to together and work on the same area, producing different and amazing art influenced by being in a wildlife area, surrounded by endless magical scenery, and being close to the surrounding rural communities. One artist that has spent time in the city centre of Victoria Falls is Tichaona Ncube.

Tichaona Ncube's HOPE, pencil on paper 42x30cm - Victoria Falls artist in Zimbabwe

“HOPE” (Bushmen Lady Portrait, Bushmen Sketch Collection)
Pencil Sketch on Paper (Acid Free, 210 gsm)
42 X 30 CM (16.53 X 11.81 inch)

Tichaona started quite young, drawing animals and landscapes around his rural village in Tsholotsho (which is very close to the eastern border of Hwange National Park). Inspiration for his work came from cattle that he herded, the landscape that he would walk through, and the wildlife he would see, being so close to Zimbabwe's largest wildlife park. He moved to Victoria Falls and was educated there, taking up art in school until he decided to make it his profession.

The media he uses is varied - watercolour, oil, acrylic, pencil sketches and pastels. He work includes portraits, still life, landscapes, murals, and abstract art.

Q: What is the first thing you drew/painted?
A: I cannot remember very well, but I used to love drawing cattle and kudus when I was a boy, then cars and buses later, was fascinated by things around me mostly.

Q: When was your first opportunity for recognition?
A: It was back in November/December 2002 at the Victoria Falls Art Corner here in Victoria Falls when Sanele Dhlomo, one of my art mentors after the late Jimmy James Nkomo, took me under his care. I was young by then, straight from writing my last O' level exam paper. It feels funny when I talk about it, coming from school to Sanele to get my first time commission work if a pencil sketch elephant charging in the mud from a masterpiece photograph by Gerald Hinde. "How could he drown me like this", I asked myself. "Can't he see that I'm new at this and I've never drawn an elephant before"? A 297 x 210 was needed the next morning. Little did I know that it was indeed the beginning. Never stopped from then.

Tichaona Ncube's LAST OF THE TUSKERS, oil on canvas, 50x120xm - Victoria Falls artist in Zimbabwe

THE LAST TUSKERS (Elephants Landscape)
Oil on Canvas
50 X 120cm (19.68 X 47.244in)

Q: What is your favourite thing to paint/draw?
A: I love drawing and painting wild cats, especially lions, leopard, cheetah. I love Painted Dogs, elephants and landscapes too. They have a great influence from my upbringing, my roots.

Q: Why is wildlife your favourite theme?
A: I love nature, oh I love animals and I just wish there were times I could interact free of fear especially with the wild big cats and the elephants. Also I wish for my art to communicate that wildlife is still a part of us and it's extinction is imminent. How I miss those days when we could have elephants harmlessly roaming the streets, feeding nearby. We need to conserve and protect them bearing in mind that it is our duty to do so by divine command to take care of creation, not just the wildlife, but the environment in general, and finally taking care for future souls.

Tichaona Ncube's RETALIATON, oil and acrylics on canvas, 150x120cm - Victoria Falla artist in Zimbabwe

Oil & Acrylics on Canvas. Off-white background
150cm X 120cm (59.05 X 47.24 in)

Q: Where can we find your work locally, and in other parts of the world?
A: I have most of my work at my little home studio but have some works displayed at The Boma - Victoria Falls Safari Lodge every evening when they're open for dinner and drum shows and some at Elephant Hills Resort at the Studio 263, a shop on the left side of the Hotel's entrance. Some are at the Elephant Sanctuary owned and run by Wild Horizons at the new Elephant Wallow interaction site.

Q: What other projects are you involved in?
A: So far I can't say I'm directly involved in some project as an individual Artist but they're indeed some projects am working at under the supervision/leadership of some brilliant minds like Art of Africa which is run by Kimberly Sparrow, daughter of Alan Sparrow. Arts for Animals Art and Conservation Center in Jabulani Secondary School at Lupinyu Village opposite the Victoria Falls International Airport. There's indeed a little opportunity of great influence coming up by the Elephant Sanctuary owned and run by Wild Horizons, where I have been given the opportunity by the owners to market some of my artwork and help donate a little commission of sales towards the cause. They keep and look after elephants, one of my favourites you see. If it gets more recognition it's a big stage for my artworks to be seen as well. Some projects are still on the tunnel. God willing soon will take shape.

Q: Where is your studio located?
A: Currently my studio is located at 4646 Chinotimba, behind the Victoria Falls Main Hospital near the Victoria Falls Truck Stop. It's a small but friendly place where you can visit anytime get to know what and how am doing it. You can as well find and follow me on social media - @tichthewatchman

So far, Tich has had exhibits, workshops and shows both in Zimbabwe and outside the country:
• Victoria Falls Art Corner, November 2002 – 2019
• Art D'afrique (AGENT) Brits, South Africa 2009 – Present
• Sketch For Survival (2018, 2019, 2021)
• Positive Afritude
• Wild Geese Art Festival, Harare 2017-2019
• Verandah Gallery, Harare 2018
• Jacaranda Art fair, Harare 2020, 2021
• David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
• Wildlife Artist of the Year Exhibition, 25 May – 29 June 2021, London

Tichaona Ncube's RECLAIMING SURVIVAL, oil and acrylics on canvas, 150x120cm - Victoria Falls artist in Zimbabwe

“RECLAIMING SURVIVAL” Almost Snuffed Out, Cheetah Portrait
Oil & Acrylics on Canvas
150 X 120cm

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