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by tj

of course this sea way should go ahead, just like all the big engineering projects of last 200 years in the uk europe and usa, made these regions better off,they are looked on as great and historic, so you have no right to deny the african regions there chance to make things easier for themselves, you have it cushy now, you want to protect what you got and keep the other people down, that is wrong,so get down of your high horses,

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Feb 28, 2011
Not ours to destroy
by: Tony

Has it never occurred to you, that just because it's been done in the past, does not make it right. Must we continue to make the same mistakes?

Surely we have learnt something by now, in that we cannot just carry on destroying mother nature for only for the gain of the human race.

It's not just OUR planet for us to use and destroy, we have absolutely no right to take a beautiful natural river and mess it up completely, like we have done so often in the past.

Apr 16, 2012
It Depends on Your Point of View
by: Anonymous

I have traveled to Africa more than a few times. Some of my best vacations have been along the banks of the Zambezi. I would not like to see it developed. But on the other hand,like it or not, we (man) has been at the top of the food chain for many thousands of years. Many of the African tribes have resided here far longer than any other races on earth. The rest of the world has developed and exploited many of it's resources ( including it's rivers ) enjoying many of the privileges of modernization that this affords. Most Africans and especially these in this area are poor beyond belief. They only eat what they can grow in a small field with primitive tools. They have no supermarkets they can go to if their crops fail. They go hungry.They starve. They live in small mud huts. They cook over a fire in an iron pot. They have no running water; on the contrary, they carry water in clay pots on their heads for many miles. They have no way to travel except by foot. It's considered extravagant if someone owns a bicycle or donkey drawn cart. I think it very selfish/arrogant of people (Non Africans ) who travel to this region for a vacation a week or two out of the year to think they can dictate what these people do with their own resources.

May 24, 2012
Solution to the problem of poverty in Zimbabwe
by: Zolani, Johannesburg RSA

I totally support the project it is time for the people of these countries to emprove their infrastracture so that they can have a viable economy because the economic active population of these countries are forced to flee their countries that gave them the education and skills a seek employment somewhere else because the infrastracture that they have is not up to scratch.
Even the income that is generated from tourism only benefits a few the rest of the population is forced to migrate, today more than 3 million Zimbabwens fled their country to South Africa in seek of better opportunities.

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