Tolerance has failed to work on Mugabe and Zanu PF-It’s now time for a fair go!

by Munashe



“Zimbabwe president Mugabe is equal to Zero. Let us now get up for a fair go! It is now time for us to take action against Mugabe and his government in order to save Zimbabwe. The time is now!

We Zimbabweans are responsible and are to a certain extent, if not fully to blame on Zimbabwe’s situation because we are the ones who give Mugabe the disposition to allow him to have that freedom of choice to misrule and starve us. Many of us have done this through supporting him in a way of attending his birthday parties, rallies and whatever meetings and principally do as he say.
If Supporting Mugabe is not as of Zimbabweans being silly then its tolerance I assume and if so: Let us now come to realise we have tolerated him more than enough, isn’t it? Tolerating Mugabe has proved to be a big hammer to ourselves as Zimbabweans and as a result if we continue to be tolerant to Mugabe and his government we will persist suffering and weeping then and then.
Lets us do not only expect new laws or regulations to recover Zimbabwe’s dignity especially from the present losers (government) but lets stand for a wipe out 'fair go' to save Zimbabwe with real action.
Fair go is standing for fairness, integrity and peace through taking any chance to make a different and not to mock others’ ideas for change. If anyone thinks someone’s idea is not up to standard then let the person share his .Let us put our heads together and aspire at how to bring to an end on Mugabe and his Zanu PF government ruling.
It’s now time for us Zimbabweans not to argue against the truth but we have to demonstrate and take risks in order to win the battle against Mugabe.
Mugabe is relying on Zimbabwe’s own army, which are us people and we who support him for the love of money and selfishness .We need to stop being fooled by money to guide wickedness. If it is in case that we are relying on outside charities and Countries to help us then it’s indignity to us all. let us not reside on that type of living. We as Africans and as Zimbabwe can do our own things. Let’s not be depended but independent.
The first target for us all as Zimbabweans is to be brave on deciding and taking action on stopping confusion, deceitfulness and corruption in Zimbabwe and make a new start! Yes it’s possible’’. If it mean having a new fresh government then let is be done.
To a certain extend there may be even loss of people’s lives and loss of many things but that’s the only way out because tolerance and understanding has failed so action has to be taken in view of that.
We can be afraid but being frightened leads to nothing but suffering and starving, we have to be dedicated, positive and get set for a fair go! A good example is that of the red shirts demonstrators in Thailand, they are people who are committed to loose something only with hope of gaining something better. It has been said that the Red Shirt protesters are demonstrating demanding that there government should step down and new elections be held and besides that more than 70 people have been killed and nearly 2,000 wounded since March 2010 but they are not stopping, they are believing in the power of hope and bravery.
Our Government has failed and there is no justification behind it. It has now become visible that everyone in government is sort of being possessed with selfishness and materialism and that’s destroying the country socially and economically. We have to break that chain of evilness, wipe out- let us have an attempt at anything - Fair go!
It is now time for whoever is supporting Mugabe and his government or being used as an instrument of destruction in Zimbabwe in any wicked or brainless way to realise that Mugabe is now old and he is not going to be affected by any of the destructions he is causing .It’s now time for Zimbabweans to arise and stand for a fair go for fairness, peace and good living.
Zimbabwe youths must also arise since this situation in Zimbabwe is going to take effect on them and their families and also the generations ahead. It’s our choice as a team (Zimbabweans) to take action and make a difference in any possible course of action.
We surely have to save Zimbabwe now!
It’s only then when we shall have a better government if we stand up and therefore in good turn of that we shall feel the value of being a better Zimbabwe. All this can happen if we have Hope not (Shona: Hope).
(Muka mwana we Zimbabwe, usarare iwe, hope hadzina ndima, kwete kuzoyeuka bako iwe watonaiwa.)
Sympathy is for those who tried and failed but pity is for those who failed to try, together we can make a difference, so they say. Lets us try our ideas and all that we can.
We can do this only if we give it a try let us have an attempt at anything - Fair go Zimbabwe!
By: Zimbabwe Youth
Zimbabwe Black book: Mr Munashe
Black book info on: www.zimbabweblackbook.com

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by: Anonymous

This is a true Idea, We need fair Go in Zimbabwe!!!

by: Chihumbiro

Nice story i have been directed here and like it

True Idea
by: Patience Nyarota

This is a good opinion and we Zimbabweans must fight for this fair Go and i Do believe we will win the battle as said,"with hope".

by: Anonymous

That is a nice idea and i really like the fair Go! thing

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