Motorbike access tar roads

by Grant Keenan
(South Africa)

Hi there, are motorbikes allowed access to the park? Are the roads tarred?

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Dec 18, 2017
Not Allowed
by: Tony

Hi Grant

Not sure which park you are referring to but none the less motorbikes are not allowed inside a National Park.

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Transfer Kasane - VicFalls 12.10 and back 13.10

by Bernd

we( 2p) would like to leave early morning on 12th from Kasane and afternoon (maybe around 15:00) from VicFalls the next day.
Is there a company you would recommend? And what does it cost?

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Sep 18, 2017
Kasane tranfers price and operator
by: Tony

We use Travel Africa for all our Botswana to Vic Falls transfers they are very reliable, great to work with and offer the best prices we have been able to find. A return transfer will cost $80 per person. If you need help booking these you can contact us and we can arrange it for you.

Best wishes

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Long term parking options


Hello Tony & Boo, could you advise of any establishments that do long term parking around Victoria falls (aware of several over the border in Livingstone) or if you know of any long term parking in other parts of the country that could be a suitable option to leave our landrover for several months before flying back and continuing our travels.

Kind regards G&B

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Jun 27, 2017
Long term parking options
by: Tony


I am not aware of any designated long term parking options but there are several companies here that have large enough yards where a vehicle could be kept safely. You would need to make liasons with one of these. I suggest Shearwater and I have no doubt that the MD would be obliging. If you email me I can put you in touch. info[at]victoriafalls-guide.net

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From Victoria Falls to Hwange and back

by Borja

We are planning to leave Victoria Falls to Hwange National Park and then back the following day by the end of August 2017. Could you please advise on timings of buses? Thank you very much for your help.

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Jun 16, 2017
Hwange Transfer service
by: Tony

Hi Borja

The best bet for you is a scheduled transfer service which travels on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It leaves victoria falls at 6am arriving Hwange at about 8.30 and departs Hwange 9am arriving Victoria Falls by 11.30 the cost is $40 per person one way. contact Shamiso Tshuma
Intercape-Pathfinder which was the only proper bus service doing this route no longer operates.

Jan 08, 2023
Avoid booking with Shamiso Tshuma
by: Anonymous

Avoid booking with Shamiso Tshuma if you cannot pay for each activity on the day; he will not refund any pre-paid activities that he could not deliver. For more detail, see my review below:

I booked activities & transport with Shamiso Tshuma for our Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) trip. At first, Shamiso was helpful and quick to respond. He insisted on full payment for everything via Western Union/World Remit and did not accept payment by credit card. I then managed to negotiate a 10% deposit. Nonetheless, being sceptical of sending cash, I researched Shamiso and I could not find any reviews. My hotel advised me that they worked with Shamiso in the past, so I decided to trust Shamiso and paid him the deposit. I do have to say that he was very pushy to receive payment as soon as he sent a quote – it did sometime feel like harassment.

Upon arrival, we were welcomed by Shamiso’s team in Victoria Falls, and all seemed to go as planned. I even cancelled a couple of activities a few days before arrival and Shamiso agreed to deduct it from my quote - note at that time, I had not completed my payment. Shamiso’s team was very helpful and informative, I do have to thank and praise our guide Walter Hamza who went beyond expectations to ensure that our trip was pleasant. Shamiso himself was not in the country.

Unfortunately, after completing my payment, I was informed that Shamiso did not manage to organise the walking safari activity, and in addition, I decided to cancel the transport from Victoria Falls to the airport. Both the activity and the transport costed $120. Shamiso promised me that I will receive a refund, but he could not do it over the weekend as his accounting department is closed and that I will receive it by Monday – this was on the 26/11/23.

Since that day, Walter and I have been chasing Shamiso for my refund but he either ignore my messages or keep giving me empty promises. At the time of writing this review, I still haven’t received my refund and it is the 08/01/23.

I do not expect to see my money, but I must warn you that this might happen to you. Be careful!

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Crossing border with borrowed vehicle

We are coming to Victoria falls next year and will be using my brothers 4x4 vehicle. will we be able to cross the border with it? We will be traveling from Cape Town.

If you do not have the info, can you refer me to authorities that can give me the info?

Thank you kindly

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May 16, 2017
Letter of authority needed
by: Tony


Yes you can use his vehicle but you will need a letter of authority from him and if the car is still under finance then you will need a letter also from the finance company. You will be needing these for the SA border aswell. Make sure you get police clearance for the vehicle to avoid any issues.

If you have these then you will not have a problem

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Self driving trip

by Ilona

With a friend a mine (two girls) we plan a self driving trip. I have a few questions.
- Is it enough to hire a (smaller) sedan or is it necessary to have a 4x4 to drive from Namiba (Etosha) to Vic Falls and then to Johannesburg? We plan to be there in the second part of next January....
- which is the best route to get to Johannesburg, via Zimbabwe or Botswana (regarding safety, fuel shortage, etc)
- (is these long drives safe for us or do you recommend to fly there)?

Thanks a lot in advance :-)


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Sep 07, 2016
Advice on your route
by: Tony

Dear Ilona

These are quite substantial distances you are talking about. If you are seasoned travellers who are used to driving great distances, have been through Africa before and have some mechanical knowledge then I guess it would be okay but I can't say that I would recommend it for two girls.
If you purely stick to the main roads then a sedan car will be okay, but this will limit you being able to travel into the national parks etc which is presumably why you would be doing this route, so my recommendation would be to go for a 4x4 or at least a 4x2 Pickup with high clearance.

Driving through Zimbabwe or Botswana are both pretty much the same with regards to safety, fuel etc. Both have some advantages and disadvantages. I would determine which places you want too see in both places and let that dictate your route.

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Taking a 4x4 into Zim

by Craig

Hi there

We have rented a 4x4 through an independent company and will be taking this through Botswana and were hoping to cross into Zimbabwe to go to Vic Falls. We are South African residents. From what I can tell the cost of taking a 4x4 (classified as a CGV)into Zim is around 120$, which is ridiculous!

We were hoping to leave our vehicle in Kasane and hitch a taxi to Vic Falls for a couple of nights.

Does anyone know of any lodges/parking lots or the like that one can overnight their car at for a small fee? It must be safe, of course.

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Sep 07, 2016
Costs of bringing in a hire vehicle into Zimbabwe
by: Tony

Hi Craig
I think that Commercial Vehicle Guarantee is a maximum price, I have heard of people paying as little as $30, maybe you can check with your hire company and it also might depend on the value of your vehicle.
Cost apart from the CVG will be between $55 and $70 dependant on the engine capacity. So I think it is still be cheaper and safer for you to bring the vehicle in, depending on how many there are of you ofcourse.

If you do decide to leave it in Kasane. Then firstly; there are no taxis to catch, you will have to arrange for a transfer which will cost you between $40 and $70 per person one way, dependant on who you book it through.
As far as where to park it, I can't think of any safe car parks, so you would have to make an arrangement with one of the lodges of which there are plenty along the road and I am sure one of them would be accommodating. Also try Kalahari tours on the main road in Kasane, friendly owner Rex Kelly will I am sure be able to assist.

Hope that helps

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Garden Lodge is how far away from The Kazungula/Zimbabwe border

by Garden Lodge

Please advise how far away this camp is from the Kazungula/Zim border and can a transfer company access this camp from the borders or do they have to drive first into Vic Falls

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Apr 20, 2016
Kasane to the border
by: Tony

Garden Lodge is in the town of Kasane on the Chobe and is therefore about 10kms from the Kazangula border with Zimbabwe.

Yes transfer companies will take you either from the Lodge to the border or to Victoria Falls if you want. They can cross the border but sometimes they arrange a bus on either side of the border post.

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Jul 14, 2015
Yes you can
by: Tony

Hi David

Yes you can. Your rental company should be able to provide you with all the necessary papers. Please see requirements below:

Requirements to bring a vehicle into Zimbabwe for holiday purposes
. Original or Police certified copy of vehicle registration book and a certified letter of
permission to use the vehicle if the registration book is not in the drivers name.
. Non Zimbabwe vehicles pay a Carbon Tax valid for 30 days. Cost depends on engine
Below 1500cc US$6
1501 to 2000cc US$11
2001 to 3000cc US$15
3001cc and above US$30
. 3rd Party Insurance - cost approx US$30 for the 1 month. Purchase at the border.
. T.I.P - (Temporary Import Permit) No Charge. Issued at the border
. C.V.G (Commercial Vehicle Guarantee) About $120 for Hire Vehicles
. Road Access Fee – US$10 per light vehicle per entry into the country. Purchase at the
. Zimbabwe law requires that all vehicles have 2 x white round reflective tape on the front
bumper and 2 x 6 inch red reflective tape on the rear bumper. You can get fined if you
don’t have these.
. New law (effective June 2011) states that vehicles must have two red warning triangles
and a fire extinguisher with SAZ ( Standards Association of Zimbabwe) approval. Full

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Pathfinder November schedule

by Linda

Are you running the posted bus route both ways between Vic Falls and Bulawayo for this entire month of November?

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Nov 10, 2014
Pathfinder bus schedule
by: Tony

Hi Linda
Please note that we are not pathfinder and we have no control over their schedules. From what I understand they are having problems with their buses at the moment and that they have reduced the number of buses that they are running from Harare to Victoria falls. Now only going to Vic Falls on a Friday and going to Harare on a Sunday. They tell me that this is temporary and that by December they will be running their normal scheduel again.
It would be best to phone them to confirm + 263 7788 88883
Email: tarisaim@pathfinderlx.com

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cross border 4x4 vehicle requirements

Hi Tony,
We will be leaving on Teusday 16th Sept from Richards Bay to Vic Falls via Chobe and Kazungula border post.
I need details regarding the CVG FOR 4X4 vehicles. We will be travelling in a 4x4 double cab which is registered in my name and for which we have the necessary registration papers.
I have read that this is not a requirement for private vehicles, but also have read that 4x4's are classified as commercial vehicles.
Will I need a CVG, if so, where and how is this obtainable and any idea on the cost?

Please, it would be greatly appreciated if you could come back as soon as possible - our time is getting a bit short.

Many thanks,
Kind regards,
Gary Querl
Richards Bay

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Sep 18, 2014
4x4 requirements for Zimbabwe
by: Tony

Hi Cheryl

4x4 might be classified as commercial vehicles in that they should have a full red reflective tape across the whole back of the tailgate but you do definately NOT require any other commercial vehicle documentation. If it's your vehicle and you are driving then you reuqire the vehicle registration book only. If it's on hire purchase then you need a letter of authority from the finance house. You can buy Zim insurance at the border if you haven't already bought it from the AA in SA. Carbon tax and road access fee purchased at the border.

Sorry I am late in replying... been away. Hope you have a good trip

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Questions on Purchasing Railway Tickets V. Falls to Bulawayo

by Mack

My group of four plans to travel by night train from Victoria Falls to Bulawayo. We know we must buy our tickets the same day of travel.

We will be traveling on a Tuesday.

1. What time does the railway ticket office open?

2. Do the berths in the train sell out quickly? Is it safe to purchase our tickets an hour or so before departure, or should we arrive early in the morning?

3. Do all members of our party need to be present, or can one member purchase tickets on the others' behalf?

Thanks for the info!

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Jun 18, 2014
Train tickets
by: Tony

Hello Mack

I don't know the answer to all your questions... sorry. Impossible to phone and find out so I will have to go down to the station and see what I can find out for you, I will post back here once I have the details.

Regards Tony

Jun 18, 2014
Victoria Falls to Bulawayo train tickets
by: Tony

Hello Mack

I have been to the train station and found the information you require.

1) The ticket office hours are 7am - 10am and 14.30 to 18.45

2) Impossible to say how quickly they will sell out on any given day, depends on time of year etc, but there are not many 1st class booths available, sometimes they only have 1 carriage and sometimes they have 2 carriages each carriage only has about 7 booths. In each carriage there are 2 bed booths and about 2 x 4 bed booths. So I would say essential that you get a booking in early on the day of travel. What the man said is you can phone first thing in the morning on the day of travel and reserve your places then you can arrive at any stage in the day and make payment even at 18.30. They will hold your booking for you. The number to phone is (013) 44390. Train departs at 19.00

3) Not all members have to be there one of you will suffice.

You are correct in saying that you can only reserve tickets on the day of travel no advance booking is possible. 1st class tickets cost $12 per person one way.

Hope that helps
Regards Tony

Jun 18, 2014
Thank you!
by: Mack

Thank you so much, Tony! You have gone above and beyond to assist me with my question, and I very much appreciate this valuable information. Victoria Falls Guide is the best resource for the area that I've found on the web!

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Vic Falls self drive ex jo'burg

by Ashley


My friend and I would like to do a self-drive to vic falls and I would like to know if a standard diesel BMW 3-series would be suitable for this trip?

Do the game parks have tour drive packages?

Where are the best places to stay en-route?


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Apr 03, 2014
Driving Johannesburg to Victoria Falls
by: Tony

Hi Ashley

Yes if you stick to the main route you would easy and comfortably do this in a BMW 3 series.

Depending on where you stay the lodges in the Game parks usually arrange game drives.

I don't really know your preferences but I would recommend visiting on route Matobo Hills (either Amalinda or Big cave camp). Then stop at Hwange - there are multiple accommodation options dependant on your budget. Good options on the side of the park that you will be coming from include Bomani/Camelthorn lodge, Ivory lodge, Sable Sands, Elephants Eye and The Hide.

From Hwange its only another 175kms to Victoria Falls where once again there is a large choice of accommodation dependant on budget and prefereneces. In Victoria falls you can do all sorts of game activities with organised tour operators that means you wont have to use your car.

On the way up to Zim I would avoid Bietbridge and come through Botswana, via Martins drift through Franscistown and the Plumtree border post. If you need any help in arrranging the trip or getting more information regarding places to stay please don't hestate to contact us.


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Pathfinder schedule - changed ??

by Christina
(Bellville, RSA)

When I visit Zimbabwe later this year I was planning to fly to Vic Falls, later on take Pathfinder coach to Bulawayo and 48 hours later on to Harare.
According to most sources Pathfinder coaches run between Harare and Victoria Falls each day, in both directions; and between Harare and Bulawayo twice daily. But today I checked the Pathfinder web page and says that they run from Victoria Falls to Harare on only 4 days a week . And from Bulawayo to Harare is not even mentioned - maybe the Vic Falls to Harare coaches will stop in Bulawayo and pick up passengers, but that is not stated.
Do you perhaps know which schedule is the current and correct one?

Comments for Pathfinder schedule - changed ??

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Feb 04, 2014
Pathfinder bus schedule change
by: Tony

Hi Christina

Pathfinder have indeed changed their schedule I have update our Pathfinder page to the correct details as of 4.2.14 please take a look.

pathfinder bus

Feb 04, 2014
by: Christina

I notice that Pathfinder has changed its web page again between the time of my question and your reply. The table now makes sense although it calls for some guessing. Thank you, Tony - not sure if you talked them into correcting it or not.

Feb 05, 2014
Pathfinder rates
by: Christina

Me again. Have a look at the rates given by Pathfinder now- also changed quite a bit.

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Visiting Victoria Falls in January 2014

by Allan

I will be spending 3 weeks as a solo traveller in South Africa in January, hoping to visit Victoria Falls as part of an itinerary which will include Sabi Sands, Isandlwana and ending by touring the Garden Route to Cape Town, where I have to be by 1st February. I aim to arrive on a BA flight from the UK in Johannesburg on either the 17th or 18th January and thought the easiest way to put my itinerary together would be to fly directly to Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe side) after arriving in Jo'burg, spend 1-2 days there and return to Jo'burg to set off for Sabi Sands - does this sound sensible, rather than having to double back from eg Kruger or Durban to Victoria Falls?

If so, I'd appreciate advice on how easy changing planes from an international flight in Jo'burg might be and how long I should leave as a connecting time. Or would it be more sensible to stay overnight in Jo'burg?

How long would be best to stay at Victoria Falls? I thought of taking one of the direct flights which arrive at VFA early afternoon, spending 2 nights and returning to Jo'burg on the midday flight.

What accommodation near the Falls that offers transport to/from the airport and organised tours can you recommend?

Any other thoughts on my proposed itinerary also welcome!




Hi Allan

You have posted quite a detailed question, so I will respond to you, but might take me a couple of days.

Best wishes


Comments for Visiting Victoria Falls in January 2014

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Nov 21, 2013
Scotland to Victoria Falls reply
by: Tony

Hi Allan

Sorry... my couple of days turned into a lot longer as I then did a 4 week tour through the Zambezi Valley where there is no internet connection. I am now back in Victoria Falls.

Firstly, yes it makes sense to go to Victoria Falls at the beginning of your trip to save doubling back but also we have found that if you book flights all the way through with one airline carrier it works out considerably cheaper. We have just booked my son who is living in London on a return flight to London to Victoria Falls via Johannesburg and the saving was huge compared to booking a flight to Jhb and then a seperate flight to Vic Falls. We found that BA were quite expensive and yet the South African airlines was a very reasonably priced.

Joburg airport only has 2 terminals A international and B domestic and they are quite close to each. You will be on international flights both times so you shouldn't have to change terminals, infact if you book with one airline like SAA then you can check your bags all the way through to Vic Falls without collecting them in JHB. If for some reason this is not going to work for you then leave a minimum of 3 hours between flights, this should be more than ample. Spending an extra night in Joburg seems like an unnecessary cost and time waster. If the UK flight arrives at around 7 or 8 am in the morning there is plenty of time to catch the flights that leave around 11 am for Vic Falls.

An ideal length of time for the Falls is 3 to 4 nights as there really is a lot to do and see here, but if 2 nights is all you can spare then it's still worth it. You are able to do an activity like a helicopter flight or Sunset cruise on the day you arrive, then you have one full day in which to see the Falls and maybe do another activity and the on the morning you leave normally at about 10am there is time to do something else if you wish.

Most of the larger hotels offer airport transfers but they are normally quite expensive, the town is 22kms away from the airport. You can arrange a transfer with one of the transfer companies or through us which costs $14 each way. They will collect you from the airport and drop you at any of the hotels in town.

A time saver though is to catch your own taxi for $30 this means that as soon as you clear customs you can jump in the taxi an head off. If you are on a transfer you might well have to wait for everyone else who is booked on the same transfer.
Also make sure you sit in the front of the plane so that you can be one of the first ones out and therefore at the front of the immigration queue.

As far as which hotel to stay at or which activities to do these are completely dependant on your style, budget likes and dislikes, if we can help give any further advice in this regard please contact us and we will be more than glad to give advice and make the bookings if you need them.

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Pathfinder bus

by Mary Cole
(East London, South Africa)

We would like to catch the Pathfinder from Vic Falls to Hwange Safari Lodge. I saw it advertised on your website. When I enquired I was told one had to go in person to make a booking at their offices. How do people outside Zimbabwe manage to book?

by Tony

Hello Mary

This is indeed not that easy, because you have to pay in advance to secure your seat but they don't have online payment facilities and if you leave it till you get there the chances are that the bus will be full and that can mess your plans up dramatically.
I have spoken Tarisai in the Victoria Falls town office and he says that he can accept Western Union money transfers as a form of payment, I am not sure how expensive this will be but at least it will work.
Although we don't do this as a standard practice, I guess if you were stuck you could pay us through our online system and we could then go down to the pathfinder office and hand over the cash for you to secure your booking. We would have to add on a small handling fee oF about $5
Tarisai's email is tarisaim@pathfinderlx.com
and his telephone numbers can be found on our pathfinder bus page
Let me know how you get on.

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by Fernando

We are a group of 4 motorcycle riders and are planning to go from Nata (Bot) to Victoria Falls crossing into Zimbabwe via the Pandamatenga border. Is the road from there to the A8 highway suitable for motorcycles? Would we be allowed to enter the park? We are experience riders.
Many thanks amigos!


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Dec 11, 2019
Roads conditions
by: Tony

Hello Fernando

I travelled on this road about a week ago and it was a good dirt road absolutely fine for motorcycles. However that was before the heavy rains that we have just had. You don't say when you are travelling, which will affect the road conditions.
The 1st 25km from Pandamatenga could become quite muddy in places due to the rains, if you are planning on travelling after April next year then the rains will have stopped. The remaining 38kms of dirt road from the T-Junction to the A8 is very good dirt road and will not be that affected by the rains.
If you are going straight from Pandamatenga to the A8 you will be allowed to on motorbikes. It is a safari area, so there is wildlife but it is not a National park so there is no park entrance gate. However if you wanted to go to Robins camp (turn right at the first T-Junction instead of left to the A8) then you would not be allowed as this is entering Hwange national park, where motorbikes are not allowed. Hope that helps

Dec 11, 2019
by: Fernando

Hi Tony,

We are going in April 2020. Exact date will be April 8th.
So, weather permitting, we'll try that way. If not possible, then north to Kasane area and there cross through the Zambezi NP (and avoid the Ferry) unless you have a better recommendation.
Thank you very much for your comments!
Best regards,

Dec 12, 2019
Rains should be tailing off by then
by: Tony

Hi Fernando

Yes hopefully you will get through, as said it's a good dirt road so hopefully will stand up to all the rain, we hope and need to get this season. Just ask them when you get to the border post what the condition of the road is like, they should know.

Via Kazangula is tar all the way, so an easy journey and you often see game as you pass through the ZNP.

Dec 12, 2019
by: Fernando

Hi Tony,

Understood. That's what we will do. Hope you get the rain you guys need in the area!
Thanks again and wish you a great 2020!
All the best,

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How can we travel from Spurwing island to vic falls?

Please advise best way to travel from Spurwing Island to Vic Falls - family of 5. many thanks Gayle

Comments for How can we travel from Spurwing island to vic falls?

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May 02, 2019
Spurwing to Vic Falls
by: Anthony

Hi Gayle

The easiest way is by charter plane, there are several charter plane companies servicing that route. They will pick up up at Spurwing and fly you either directly to Vic falls or via Hwange first. This is not that cheap but you don't really have many great alternatives and they will all be expensive and take a long time.

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Is a day trip to Namibia possible?

by Erin

We would like to visit Vic Falls this Summer. We’ve looked into visiting Botswana on a day trip but we would be interested in crossing the border into Namibia as well, even to just say that we’ve been there.

Is it possible to do both Botswana and Namibia in a day? If not, how about a 2-3 day trip (which would hopefully give us a chance to see a bit more of Namibia)?

Comments for Is a day trip to Namibia possible?

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Nov 18, 2019
Not in a single day
by: Tony

Hi Erin

I would say you would be pushed for time to visit Namibia in the same day as doing a Botswana day trip. The Ngoma Border post is an additional 70kms from Kasane by road.
There is a closer Namibia border post which is accessed by boat if you are staying in one of the lodges in Namibia opposite Kasane or on one the the Chobe Princesses or Zambezi queen houseboats. These are based out of Namibia.
So yes 2 to 3 days trip and it would definitely be possible.

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