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Why Traveling to Africa as a Student is a Cool Idea

3 June 2022

Traveling as a student opens many new opportunities. They develop new ways of learning by interacting with a new culture. The continent has more than 3,000 tribes. More than 2,000 languages are spoken in Africa. It is the place where the earliest human being lived.

After about every 100 miles in Africa, you will meet different cultures. Africa travels are relatively cheaper compared to other areas of the world. You will build a stronger foundation for employment after graduation. Here are reasons why a trip to Africa is a cool idea for college students.

Why traveling to Africa as student is a cool idea

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Africa is full of history

Africa is a continent that is full of history. For example, you will learn that the oldest tribe in Africa is the Sans. You will not only learn about them but also interact with them. Probably you’ve seen them only in movies and documentaries. The tribe has lived in southern Africa for about 30,000 years. If you visit Tanzania, you will learn and visit the cradle of mankind. Africa is rich in slave trade history. You will learn about how the continent was divided into countries. A tour of Africa is a cool idea for students studying history, geography, law, and many other subjects.

A student who loves traveling has many options in the places they can travel to. One of the exciting places they can travel to is Africa. To get the best African experience during their travel, a student should have plans for handling their writing assignments. When I travel, I let the writers on EduBirdie do my essay as I enjoy my trip. A student can save money if they travel through student travel programs. They arrange adventure trips for college students. One of the good programs is student summer travel programs.

Travel to Africa as a student

Image source: https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/countryside-girl-voyage-leisure-road-together_1253624.htm

Africa offers a tropical climate

African countries do not record extreme cold like many other parts of the world. Some places like Zanzibar, Namibia, and Eastern Africa are good places to visit. They record good temperatures throughout the year. You might think it’s always summer in Africa.

The North of Africa is mainly a desert. The Sahara Desert is the largest desert in the world. It’s usually very hot during the day and very cold at night. When you visit Africa, you will experience different climatical zones. The continent has dense rain forests, cool highlands, welcoming coastal beaches, and the hottest deserts.

Africa is the only continent in the world with the highest number of languages. More than 2,000 languages are spoken in Africa. The continent has over 3,000 tribes. Most tribes occupy areas of about 100 square miles or less.

The tribes have distinctly unique cultures. Africa is the best place to learn about the culture and cultural practices. You can never have enough time to experience every culture. Your tour guide will make sure you experience the best cultures. You can taste their food, see their crafts, and watch songs, dances, and many cultural ceremonies.

Africa has a wide variety of animal species

Africa boasts of the largest and the most amazing animal varieties. Many of them are not found anywhere else in the world. The continent is home to more than 1,100 animal species. It is home to over 2,600 bird species.

If you are interested in animals, one of the best places to visit is Kenya. The country is home to some of the largest land animals in the world. Elephant, buffalo, rhino, lion, and giraffe are all found in the country.

Africa has the best relief

Africa has one of the best reliefs in the world. The continent is home to the longest river – the river Nile. It is home to the largest freshwater lake in the world – Lake Victoria. It has very high falls like Victoria falls.

The continent is home to high mountains and dense forests. The rift valley cuts across nearly the entire Eastern side of Africa. The oceans and seas that surround Africa are many. There is the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, the Red Sea, and the Indian Ocean.


A visit to Africa opens some of the best experiences for students. They get a chance to experience the widest cultural diversity in the world. The continent has a rich history that dates back to the first human being. The continent is home to the widest species of wild animals and birds. It has attractive geography that comprises rivers, mountains, and lakes. Africa is home to the largest desert, dense rainforests, sunny beaches, and cool highlands.

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