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Victoria Falls Community Project

Rose Of Charity is registered as a welfare organization, registration number MA/273/2007. A committee of seven members governs Rose Of Charity in terms of policy development.

1. (a) Brief Background To The Organization Including Program History.

In 2006 the founder, Simangele Moyo encountered street children in the resort town of Victoria Falls whilst she was doing a case study of her Certificate In Systematic Family Counselling Course.

As she listened attentively to the challenges they faced in the streets, the revelations were heart–rending. As a result, a mother to son relationship was established as she really felt that there was need to address the challenges. The first strategy adopted was to target children who were between 3-12 years who had the streets as their homes. The founder started by feeding the children on Monday, Wednesday and Sundays at her home, at the time taking them to church for behaviour change.

(b) Program History

Since its inception in 2007 Rose Of Charity has successfully organized for the re-unification of 6 year old, Remembrance Magadzire with his parents in unit C, Seke of Chitungwiza in Harare, 1000km from Victoria Falls. This was done in the presence of the police officer, Mr Razor of Harare Police Station. After the publication of this in the September 2006 Chronicle (Zimbabwe's daily news paper) some well wishers began to make contacts with the founder. This led to a formation of a Trust, Rose Of Charity, which was duly registered in 2007, with the registration number MA/273/2007. Since then Rose Of Charity has never looked back. It is working with communities in Victoria Falls to ensure community development, to reduce the number of children living outside the family environment.

2. Project Goals

To contribute towards a sustained improvement in the quality of life of children, their families and caregivers and the broader community in Victoria Falls and Matabeleland North as we grow.

3. Project Objectives

(a). To promote a healthy family environment and protect children from all forms of abuse through economic and psychosocial support.

(b). To increase child protection, access to basic care, support and identification of street children in Victoria Falls and Matabeleland North as a family.

(c). To promote the prevention of HIV /AIDS by engaging the children in special programs that cater for children with disability and who have been sexually abused .

(d). To engage in programmers’ for children with special needs, disabled children ,sexually abused children and street children in Victoria Falls and Matabeleland North.

Currently ROC is working with 60 children that are on the register who are HIV positive, Orphans, foster babies, disabled, street children including children of the blind. We provide medication, clothes, schools fees and shelter. We haven’t had a donation that can sustain the orphanage it’s only individuals giving in what they can afford and we are operating on rented premises.

We have the following activities;

Feeding - With the help of African Impact the kids are fed every Saturday

Gardening - we do have a garden that kids work on after school

Extra lessons and home works are done on a daily basis by our Programmes Officer

Counselling - Project Coordinator and Vice Project Coordinator are professional counsellors hence ,children who need counselling are spotted during play and games time hence undergo counselling sessions up to a time they show that they are healed.

We also have income generating projects like teddy Bear making at cottage level to raise money for school fees so that we uproot poverty as education is the basis of uprooting and reducing poverty. Jefrey Sachs (2004), in his report on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) argued soundly stating that increasing the number of school going is goal no two of the eight goals in line with the above ROC is working with the government of Zimbabwe towards achieving this goal.

We currently accommodate four babies that are being fostered, as we have one house with one toilet and a bathroom, we are looking forward to build a home according to the Government standard, that is, ten houses with 4 bedrooms each, and each house must accommodate 4 children and one mother.

Below are our special needs per month:

  • Food
  • 40kgs of Mealie meal
  • Meat 40kgs
  • Cooking oil 4Lt
  • Margarine 1kg
  • Potatoes, butternut, soups, rice, drink, flour, sugar beans, vegetables, oranges, sugar, salt.
  • Nappies, clothes, toys, medication like flue, Vaseline lotion Cleaning chemicals, Washing powder, Bar soaps, Domestos, Sta-soft, Harpic, Cobra, buckets and dishes Maid’s uniform.


Old computers, bond paper, colour printer, Photocopier, stationery etc, school fees.

Please note you can also donate old things that you no longer need and Rose Of Charity promise that your donation will be put into use and we promise transparency and accountability.

Contact 1204 Chinotimba T/ship Victoria Falls, (+263) 712515826, (+263) 774785464 roseofcharityorg@gmail.com

Please read The Rose of Charity December 2011 Newsletter here


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