Victoria Falls Hotel to Undergo Major Refashioning

(Victoria Falls)

Victoria Falls Hotel

Victoria Falls Hotel

22 November 2019

The oldest hotel in Victoria Falls, but certainly one of the most fabulous, the Victoria Falls Hotel will be getting a major upgrade for the 5th time in it's 115 year history. Yes 115 years!

Beginning in January 2020, the Victoria Falls Hotel will undergo major renovations in the rooms and public areas. The work will be done during the less busy time of January to May in 2020 and 2021, but the hotel will not be completely closed. The first phase will see the upgrading of the southern portion and central portion of the hotel, the Stanley Kitchen, Stanley's Bar, Jungle Junction restaurant and the swimming pool.

The updates focus on increasing comfort and luxury for the modern traveler, while improving on flexibility, creating Classic rooms and family accommodation, and updating some of the suites. When the project is complete, the Victoria Falls Hotel will have 61 Classic rooms, two of which will be Classic Access rooms, 7 Family rooms, 25 Premium rooms, 11 Suites, 42 Stables Signature Wing rooms (which are already existing and will not be changed) - bringing the total to 148 bedrooms from the current 161 rooms.

"Key features of the exercise will be increasing the inflow of light, granting greater access to the views of the hotel grounds, creating walk-in showers in bathrooms, as well as upgrading lighting, air conditioning and electrical features such as points for using and charging devices in all bedrooms and suites. The aesthetic thrust will be achieved with use of new structural features and in the use of colour, furnishings, ornaments and basic decor."
- Victoria Falls Hotel

Interesting History of the Victoria Falls Hotel

The Grand Ol' Lady started as a humble little hotel in June 1904 during the time that the Victoria Falls Bridge was being constructed. With a total capacity of 20 guests, it accommodated the engineers working on the railway line and the bridge. It was supposed to be a temporary hotel to be taken down once construction was complete and the bridge opened.

"The hotel, at the beginning, was simply a long structure of wood and iron containing a dining room and bar, bedrooms and offices. Later on it was enlarged by the addition of two large engine sheds removed from railway headquarters. One of these was converted into a dining room and the other into bedrooms. Later still two annexes of wood and iron were put up, complete with bathrooms… In the hot weather the rooms were ovens, and in the cold, refrigerators – but nobody grumbled much. After all, what could one expect in the heart of Africa?" - Percy Clark, 1934

With large numbers of tourists flocking the Falls, the hotel proved quite useful, and so in 1913, the hotel was rebuilt in brick, with 24 rooms and two suites, and finally opened in 1917. Over the years, the hotel has grown into one of the finest hotels in Zimbabwe, with a colourful history including hosting the British royal family in 1947 - his Majesty King George VI, Queen Elizabeth and the two princesses, Elizabeth and Margaret.

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