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A Visit to the Victoria Falls Rainforest

It goes without saying that a visit to the Victoria Falls rainforest is a must when you visit. It's the gate to one of the 7 natural wonders of the world!

by Emma Dawes

You can visit the rainforest either with a guided tour and set transfers, or on your own. If you go on your own, you can get a taxi, which will cost you $5 - $10, or you can walk if you feel up to it. Some of the hotels in town are a short 10-minute walk away! Many hotels also offer shuttle buses that come and go regularly, so be sure to talk to your host. Prices of entry vary depending on where you are from, so you'll need to take a form of identification with you. The rainforest opens at 6:00am (6:30am in winter) and closes at 6:00pm.

I could spend hours in the rainforest simply walking around. It seems ridiculous to write, but I think of the Garden of Eden when I think of the rainforest. Picture it: enormous, luscious flora perfectly embracing you as you walk down the pathways. The different shades of emerald, the trees that have created a maze with their enormous roots and wild trunks, the smell of the damp soil and the life that it’s produced, all the different animal species and their families that reside on the ground and in the trees, all the while unconsciously listening to a loud yet totally unobtrusive roar… Every sense is heightened dramatically, yet they all seem to blur into one.

The luscious rainforest with the Victoria Falls in the background

You'll reach a viewpoint, where you will be able to watch the Victoria Falls in all its glory. This is what you came for. Standing in front of one of the most powerful spectacles in the world - the experience is surreal. White is all you'll notice at first as you stare at the water being thrown off the edge and down into more white matter. This sight is certainly one to behold. There's a high chance that that spray will come down on you, just to make its huge presence even bigger. This is an even greater feeling! Knowing that there are no machines and no human interference, just the pure magic and power of nature that is creating this. You'll be able to experience this from 16 different points (on the Zimbabwean side) in the rainforest each giving you a different view of the waterfall.

Victoria Falls viewpoints on the Zimbabwe side

The best time to view the Falls is at sunrise. Not only is the lighting beautiful during the early mornings, but also the forest is so peaceful. However, if you want to see a postcard worthy rainbow amidst the Falls, I’d recommend going between 2pm and 4pm.

Sunrise over the Falls

If you are around during a full moon, you MUST join a night tour of the Falls to see a lunar rainbow. These are not always guaranteed, but its worth trying. A lunar rainbow at night is a truly magnificent sight that so many people don’t even know exist!

Lunar rainbow at the Victoria Falls

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