Victoria Falls Honeymoon Budget

by Corious
(Harare, Zimbabwe)

Hello Guys

My sister is getting married and she pretty much has everything in her house so the conventional wedding gift is out of the question. I want to know how much as in the entire budget for a good weekend for 2 people will cost.

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Nov 26, 2014
Honeymoon accommodation
by: Tony

Hi Corious

Wow that would make a lovely present. It is obviously a very open ended question as the choice is vast and there is something to suit all budgets. A lot will also depend on the time of year as some hotels have differnt rates for different season.

I am also presuming from your question that the couple will be coming from Harare.

So to give you some ideas.

Flights Harare to Vic Falls $180 return

Upmarket lodges
Stanley and Livingstone - Honetmoon suite
$415 per night Groom + $230 per night Bride. Fully inclusive
Gorges Lodge - Honeymoon suite $315 per person per night fully inclusive (also includes a sunset cruise and tour of Falls)
These are top of the range choices so there is a variety of choices cheaper than this at various hotels or B&B's.
If you would like more information please send us an enquiry form and we can assist you further.

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Eloping at Victoria Falls

by Angela Barker
(Morgantown, West Virginia)

Would it be possible for my boyfriend and I to elope to Victoria Falls next summer and get married in the Devils Pool?

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Aug 01, 2014
Getting married on Livingstone island
by: Tony

Yes that would be possible. I dont know about getting married in the catual devils pool, but they certainly hold weddings on the Livingstone island which is where the devils pool is located. If you need further assistance please contact us and we will get prices and details for you. The island and the pool are only open at certain times of the year so you would need to let me know what your intened dates are

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Looking for advice for wedding anniversary

by Al
(Guilford, Ct. USA)

My wife and I are planning to travel to South Africa for a Safari. We will be ending the trip at the Victoria Falls on Jan. 11th 2015 which is my wife's birthday and it will be our 25th wedding anniversary later that year. The Falls provide a perfect setting for renewing our vows. I would like to start planning ahead as I expect to suprise my wife. I would think sunset at the falls would be a good time but not sure where the best viewing and picture taking would be. Do you have any advice? I was also looking for dinner which maybe at the Palm Restaurant at the Llala Lodge. Any Feedback?We will be traveling with friends of ours.I would also like to have a contact that would be able to renew our vows and possibly a photogapher. I appreciate any info or contact you can provide to make this experience once in a lifetime.
Thank you for your time and I have enjoyed your website.

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Dec 31, 2013
Victoria Falls wedding vows
by: Tony

Hi Al

Thank you for submitting your question to our website.

I would say your biggest challenge in January will be the weather. It is bang in the middle of the rainy season. Afternoon thunderstorms are pretty commonplace so you have a better chance of having clear weather in the morning up till about 2pm. You can ofcourse be lucky and have a beautiful clear day but I am just giving advice on the probabilities.

Secondly the Falls run from an east to west direction so if you are staying in Zimbabwe the sun actually sets behind you and the Falls will be in shadow. If you wanted to renew your vows at sunset it would be best to go to the Zambian side as you would then see the Falls with the sunset behind.

If you are going to stay on the Zimbabwe side there is a very nice view point by Livingstone statue. No 1 viewpoint which overlooks devils cataract and then you look down the full length of the Falls. I would recommend doing that at about 2pm as the rainbows from that position will be just right. There is also another really nice spot called the chain walk where you have to descend about 70 steps and you get to a lower vantage point also looking right down the length of the falls. As this involves a moderately strenous climb not so many people go down there so you might find it a little more private. Again 2pm would be the optimum time.

You might also consider a private boat cruise on a small boat which could then stop on an island on the Zambezi where you could renew your vows.

If you are staying at Ilala then the Palm restaurant serves very good food. Another option would be the Makuwa Kuwa restautant at Victoria Falls Safari lodge, this has a lovely outlook over the floodlit waterhole and wins awards every year for it's fine food. The Jungle junction at Victoria Falls hotel also serves very good food and is in a nice setting with entertainment from local African dancers.

If you need someone to renew your vows I have a couple of people in mind and I should be able to help you. Please send us a contact us form and I can help you with any further queries and questions you might have.

Best wishes for a fantastic trip

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Getting married in Victoria falls

Getting married in Victoria falls, who does it

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Feb 07, 2013
Weddings in Victoria Falls
by: Tony

We (Victoria Falls Guide - this website) have arranged several weddings in Victoria Falls for people, from 4 people through to 120 people. There are so many options available of what you can do and where you can have the ceremony and function. It is the most awesome place to get married.

The best thing would be to send us a contact us form (Click here) detailing the kind of thing you are looking for and how many people. We will then be able to give you some options and prices.

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wedding planners

by Peter
(East London, RSA)

We would love to get married at Vic Falls but were amazed at the rip off prices we were quoted do you have any wedding planners in vic falls that could advise us.

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Jan 12, 2011
wedding planners
by: Tony

Hi Peter

Can I ask who you have had quotes from so far. I know that it is not cheap, but if you give us a little more info on the sort of thing you are trying to organise we can hopefully point you in the right direction.

Jan 13, 2011
wedding planner
by: Peter

Hi Tony

We are planning to elope and have an intimate wedding in a beautiful place any day of the week in june. We really want a hassle free, stress free experience.

May 11, 2011
Wedding Planners Vic Falls
by: Natalie

We also plan to marry at Vic Falls next Easter (2012), but are struggling to find any info on the web re:who to contact to organise it. Some email addresses for enquiries would be hugely appreciated?

May 11, 2011
Victoria Falls weddings
by: Tony

There are some wonderful locations in Victoria Falls to get married, with venues right on the river. If you wouldn't mind sending us a little more info on the sort of size of your wedding party and what you envisage.
Do you want the whole thing organised from start to finish, including accommodation and activities, or do you want to self plan a lot of it, with just a nice place for the ceremony and reception.
I am sure that we will be able to point you in the right direction.

Jan 15, 2012
Wedding planners
by: Rebecca


I plan to do a safari in Sept (2012) from Jo'burg to Jo'burg via Vic falls. I wish to elope whilst in vic falls (as there for 2 days), i.e. only the 2 of us.
I was wandering if someone can point me in the right direction? We are both from Australia, are we able to organise this ourselves? As we just want a simple no fuss ceremony just for the 2 of us (maybe around dawn).
Any advice or help would be great!!!!

Jan 17, 2012
Victoria Falls Wedding
by: Tony

Hi Rebecca

We are currently organising a wedding for another couple who seem to have similar expecatations as yourselves. We can let you know what paperwork is required etc. This couple are getting married on an island in the Zambezi in the late afternoon.

If you want to get hold of us please do so through our contact us forms or booking enquiry forms and we can assist you further

Jul 08, 2015
Wedding Planners
by: Faniso

Have a look at our Question & Answer article with a Victoria Falls based events planning company here.

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Weddings in Victoria Falls

by Karien Fouche
(South Africa, Johannesburg)

We would like to know what is the procedure to get married near the Victoria falls and IF South Africans can get married there.
Is this marriage recognised in SA?
You can e-mail me on westgatelowerlvtlcm@nedbank.co.za

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Jul 08, 2015
Weddings in Victoria Falls
by: Faniso

We have put together a page with what you need to know about getting married in Victoria Falls. Click this link to read all about it.

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