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Why You Need A VPN For Safe Traveling

by Guest Blogger

16 May 2022

There is no experience in the world like traveling. Thanks to modern technology, people are traveling more than ever. Some travel for business. Some travel for pleasure. Some blur the lines by becoming a digital nomads.

Regardless of why you are traveling, you want to stay safe while you do it. Most people can remember the basics of physical safety but leave themselves exposed online. However, a VPN makes it easy to stay safe while traveling.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a service that you pay a subscription fee to access. It stands for "virtual private network." When you use this service, you get:

• Secure internet access safe from prying eyes
All your data is encrypted, so hackers can't get your information. This includes usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers.
• Ability to spoof your IP, so you access all websites, even if they're blocked in your country.

What Are The Risks Of Traveling Without A VPN?

The biggest risk of traveling without a VPN is that third parties can look at your data when using public and hotel Wi-Fi. It's not just hackers who look at your data. Many Internet Service Providers sell your browsing data to advertisers. In addition, governments have also been found engaging in online surveillance.

It's not just hackers you have to be worried about. But you know what hackers can do if they steal your identity? A hacker can:

• Impersonate you using your usernames and passwords
• Buy stuff using your credit and debit cards
• Use your name to open a credit card or bank account
• Change your credit card account info
• Sell your information to online ne'er do wells
• Use your SSN to steal your identity

It might not seem like a big deal, but public Wi-Fi actually poses a huge security risk. If you're traveling with your personal devices, a VPN keeps you protected.

How VPNs Help Travelers

Here's how a VPN keeps you safe and secure while you travel:

Keep Your Data Private

We really can't stress this enough. If you want to keep your data private while traveling, you need a VPN. It encrypts all your data and sends it through a secure data tunnel. This way, no one can see what you are browsing or what data you're sending.

Access All Websites From Anywhere

A VPN lets you spoof your IP address. An IP address shows where the device is located. When you use a VPN, it can look like you're accessing the internet from anywhere. This is super useful if you're traveling through Asia. Many countries there have restrictive internet censorship policies.

Watch Netflix With Your VPN

You may not be going to any countries with banned websites. You'll still probably have some downtime during your travels. On those jetlagged first nights in, it's nice to be able to fire up your favorite shows.

The thing is, most streaming services have regional catalogs. You can't access every Netflix show in every country. You can use a VPN to keep yourself from getting cut off mid-binge. It lets you use an alternate IP address so that you can access your home country's streaming catalog.

Do I Need A VPN While I'm Traveling?

Look, no one will stop you at the airport for not having a VPN. At the same time, why would you expose yourself to hackers? Travelers rely on public Wi-Fi all the time. Public Wi-Fi is notoriously insecure, and hackers could intercept sensitive data like your credit card numbers or banking info. Even the Wi-Fi at your hotel is likely to be a security threat.

In addition to the important safety features, the VPN lets you access websites from countries that have them blocked. You can also get Netflix from any region using a VPN.

Travel Safe!

There's no reason not to get a VPN if you are traveling. They're not expensive; they're easy to use and give you peace of mind while traveling. It's worth a couple of dollars a month to protect your sensitive data when you travel.

Traveling is an incredible experience, but getting your identity stolen isn't. You don't have to worry about it when you use a VPN. Bon Voyage!

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