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Yes I support the Zambezi Seaway Project

by Roger Svovah, (Engineer)
(Leeds, UK)

I am in support of the Zambezi Seaway Project. It is not very different from the many canals that were constructed in England during the industrial revolution. Actually these canals exist to this day, the famous one being the Leeds-Liverpool one which snakes all the way from Leeds via the Pennines on to Liverpool sea docks. So, Yes I support the project, the only thing for designers is discourage building of new towns along the seaway.

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May 23, 2012
This project will create opportunities for the locals of this area
by: Zolani, Johannesburg RSA

I totally agee with this project personally I think we should consider the locals what do they think about the project.Most of them are people living below the $1 per day totally poor dispite living on a very rich area interms of wildlife they are gaining close to nothing from the income generated from tourism so having this waterway will give this area more exposure and generate more income.So I give this project a thumbs up.

Feb 24, 2010
I do not support Zambezi seaway project
by: Nilesh

Hi Roger
Have you visited Zambezi?
Please do.
Nilesh Macho

Nov 09, 2009
Just because it 's been done before doesn't make it right.
by: Tony

Hi Roger

Thank you for your input, Its good to see things from another viewpoint, and I take on board what you have said. However surely our greatest success is to learn from our mistakes. To say that because it has been done before makes it right, I am not sure is the right attitude.

It would be like saying the UK has chopped down most of it forests therefore that's good and right so let's continue to wipe out the trees in the Amazon.

I am forever saddened as to how man has changed the face of our planet to suit his own need and greed. Fortunately there are a few places left that we have not managed to destroy yet (the Zambezi is one of them). My attitude is that surely we must protect these areas, at all costs, even if some people are set to make millions from it. Once it is gone it cannot be replaced.

If you ever have the chance please take a trip to the Zambezi River, spend a week there and then please tell me after that if you still agree with this project that threatens to wipe out a complete ecosystem.

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