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"Dedicated to Wild life Conservation"

In Co-operation with...

• National Parks and wildlife Management Authority

• The Zimbabwe Republic Police

• Victoria Falls Tourism Police

• Victoria Falls Municipal Police

Meet the Game Scouts who patrol in and around the Victoria Falls area


VFAPU three times winner of the Green Globe 21 Award as presented by the Zimbabwe Council for Tourism


Educating our children about Conservation Awareness is critical to long term success


Job creation for ex poachers is key. These ex poachers now work at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge


This is why it is so vital that VFAPU continues to operate to stop this kind of tragedy happening. This young buffalo has lived with agony of this wire snare cutting into it's skull as it has grown up


One of the VFAPU scouts shows us some of the 19300 snares that have been recovered to date. Imagine how many animals would have died, if VFAPU hadn't recovered these.

The Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and have been designated a World Heritage Site, under the UNESCO World Heritage Convention. The falls are surrounded by the 2 340 ha Victoria Falls National Park and the 57 000 ha Zambezi National Park. These state-protected areas are home to numerous species of fauna and flora, which, through recent times have unfortunately been subject to a dramatic increase in various forms of poaching.

The Victoria Falls Anti Poaching unit is committed to the conservation of its wildlife.

The unit was established in January 1999, by the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge and local safari operator Charles Brightman, see more about about Charles at Discover Safaris.

Today, working in close co-operation with both the Parks and wildlife management authority and the Zimbabwe Republic Police, the unit patrols an area within a four kilometre radius from Victoria falls.

"VFAPU's impact has been Dramatic."

Whilst its main activity is largely directed at the removal of snares and the apprehension of mammal and wood poachers, a great deal of time is spent educating and reinforcing the benefits of conserving our natural resources.

A critical part of the anti- poaching unit's philosophy has been to recognise that many people have been driven to poaching by economic hardship and that alternative means of subsistence need to identified and encouraged.

Thus the unit has been working on job creation and economic development groups to try and rehabilitate poachers rather than taking a purely punitive stance.

A total of 15 men work in the Unit, which is managed and operated by Charles Brightman, ably assisted by Lovemore Ncube - senior scout.

Successes to date include the recovery of over 19300 wire snares and the arrest of more than 400 poachers.

The unit relies solely on private funding from donors and sponsors.

It receives no Government funding at all. Tour operators within Victoria Falls contribute as much as they can to protect their heritage.

The ultimate goal is to receive international funding so Vic Falls anti-poaching unit can extend its area of operation, but in the short term the unit is extremely short of funds just to keep the basic operation active.

Please if you feel like making a donation of any size contact Charles at the address below or contact us and we will assist in getting you in touch with the right people.

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Victoria Falls Anti Poaching Unit (VFAPU)
PO Box CT 544
Victoria Falls
Tel/Fax: +263 13 45821
Cell No: +263 11209144
Email: cat@yoafrica.com

Please also read our page on the Friends of Hwange which is a trust formed to save the wildlife in Zimbabwe's largest National Park - Hwange

IAPF - International Anti Poaching Fund is also working tirelessly to save our wildlife. Their website details the shocking facts - see how you can help.

Please take a look at these photographs provided by the Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit. Each photo enlarges in a new window.

Impala with a wire snare

Impala wire snared on the banks of the Zambezi

Female buffalo killed by poachers

Female buffalo poached -you can see the now dead unborn calf.


Impala killed by poachers

Agonising death of another Impala


skinned impala

Male Impala skinned

Warthog caught in snare

Warthog with a snare around its snout

Swollen buffalo leg caught in snare

Buffalo leg swollen beyond recognition due to being caught in a wire snare.


Wood poachers apprehended by VFAPU

Wood Poachers are apprehended in the Zambezi National park

Mahogany trees are cut down to make curios

Volumes of trees are cut down for the wooden curio market trade.


Rhino Horn poached

Commercial Rhino Horn poaching is a very serious threat


Wire snares recovered from Zambezi national park

These are snares that have been recovered for the National Park and are now being handed over to the warden

Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching units success

This graphs shows the impact VFAPU has had on snares since its inception in 1999


Dead African Elephant

This photograph was taken moments after this elephant was killed.

Poached African Elephant

Commercial poaching of ivory tusks


Elephant poached for its Ivory Tusks

Another elephant is poached for its Ivory.

Sawdust burning stoves

These saw dust burning cooking stoves have reduced the numbers of trees being cut down for fuel.

Snared buffalo Leg

This Buffalo was darted and its leg treated for a badly infected wound caused by a wire snare.


Game scouts receive regular training

Game scouts have regular training and instruction


Game Scouts training

Game scouts on a drill practice

Vic Falls Anti-poaching unit social soccer club

Anti-Poaching unit's social soccer club

Vehicle donated to the poaching unit

This vehicle has been donated to the Anti-poaching unit.


Arrested poacher

A poacher is arrested

Arrested poachers in Zambezi National Park

More Poachers are arrested

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