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Elephants in Victoria Falls Town Centre

8.30am 22nd May 2009

If you were visiting Victoria Falls today and were hoping to start your African adventure by seeing some wildlife, you wouldn't have had far to travel. This herd of five Bull African Elephants (Loxodonta Africana) ambled into town early this morning.

What Were They Doing?

In typical behaviour they seemed to be in no rush at all and merely went about their daily business.... Eating. Barely concerned by the humans around.

How Often Do We Get Elephants in Victoria Falls Town Centre?

This is not a common occurrence, but Victoria Falls town is surrounded by real African wilderness and wild animals do abound. On occasions they think nothing of wandering through the town centre.

Pictures of This Rare Occasion

These photographs were taken by Charles Brightman from Discover Safaris you can see the Craft Village in the background. Charles is also the driving force behind Victoria Falls Anti Poaching Unit (VAPU) a vitally important organisation set up to protect the wildlife in and around Victoria Falls from rampant poaching.

Elephants at the craft village in Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls Craft village in the background

Charles Brightman of Victoria Falls Anti Poaching Unit

Charles Brightman from Discover Safaris ...Oh and some Elephant in the background!!

Victoria Falls elephants - Zimbabwe

The elephant are really not perturbed by the human on lookers

Just goes to show that no "Ellies" are fleeing Zimbabwe as some news reports would have us believe!!

Have a look at our page on Zimbabwe Animals for more information on African Elephant


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