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Travel Insurance

You never need insurance until you need it and then boy do you need it!

Should I Have Travel Insurance?

In our opinion, travelling to Africa and enjoying many of the activities available here, without adequate travel insurance is a very unwise decision, it should be a pre-requisite. Apart from the potential problems of delayed or cancelled flights and lost or damaged luggage, there are also limited medical facilities, remote locations and potentially hazardous activities all of which require decent Emergency Medical Cover.

Where Do I Get the Right Travel Insurance?

We have spent considerable time analysing what cover is needed for our part of the world and who covers it best and why. To get a clear comparison of travel insurance companies based on your details, we recommend TravelInsurance.com

TravelInsurance.com helps you compare plans from the world's leading travel insurance providers. You simply enter your travel and other details and the comparison engine allows you to easily decipher plan benefits and coverage while choosing the right travel insurance policy for your trip. You can quote, compare and buy in just a few minutes and receive your policy confirmation and documents via email instantly after the purchase.

Why Buy with TravelInsurance.com?

  1. Coverage is available to residents of 175+ countries worldwide
  2. Their easy to use website allows you to compare and buy travel insurance plans from top rated insurers
  3. 100% safe and secure checkout - Every purchase is secured with high-grade VeriSign 256-bit secured encryption
  4. Easily compare prices and benefits
  5. Extend your policy while travelling
  6. Buy online, even if you’ve already left home
  7. Instant confirmation of coverage via email
  8. Over 85,000 verified customer reviews

Is Travel Insurance Expensive?

Why not get a quick quote by following the above link and entering your details, it is quick and easy. I think you will be surprised at how comparatively cheap Travel Insurance is when compared to the potentially huge costs that can be incurred if something unfortunately goes wrong.

Who would want to or could even afford to pay out US$10 million in Emergency Medical expenses or US$5000 for cancelled or curtailed travel expenses. You travel insurance company does, and for under a $100 in some cases. It's kind of a no-brainer.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

This is a very important question and what you need to ensure is that you have cover in 2 main categories - Medical and Travel.

1) Medical - Anything to do with your physical well being from medical emergencies involving accidents or ill health to medical evacuation, funeral expenses, legal expenses, emergency dental treatment, loss of limbs, sight or a permanent disability. It is the real big one, as it can run into the millions of dollars.

2) Travel - Anything to do with your travel arrangements from flight delays and cancellations, trip interruptions and curtailments to your baggage, personal belongings, passports, credit cards and money, whether lost, stolen or damaged.

With the comparison tool on TravelInsurance.com, you can select which other essentials you need covered apart from mecical and travel. So whether you're coming to bungee jump, swim in the devils pool, white-water raft or enjoy safari activities, make sure that your travel cover is inclusive.

TravelInsurance.com is supported by different insurers from around the world and hence your country of residence impacts your cover. Always read your policy wording to review your specific coverage and to make sure that the policy is right for you.

Are There Different Plans Available?

Because the comparison engine picks from various travel insurance companies around the world, you will find a vast number of plans to choose from, such as Standard Plans, Essentials Plans, Preferred Plans, Silver and Gold Plans, etc., and each company will specify what each plan includes. Standard plans will generally offer good cover but for a slightly higher premium your cover is exponentially greater and this would be my recommendation in most cases. Literally a few dollars more buys you more than double the cover in some areas.

After your enter your travel details in the form, check from the list, the ones you wish to compare, with the prices, inclusions and amounts covered side by side. After you check the ones that you want to compare, at the top, select "Compare Plans Now", and your comparison table will be loaded.


Don't Believe in Travel Insurance?  Read These True Client Reviews

"Fast, easy, fair and competitive."

Keith P.


"Great comparison engine and clear comprehensible interface."

Reva C.


"Very easy to find the cheapest travel coverage. This policy covers much more than what the cruise lines do and was much cheaper!"

Paul M.





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Last updated : 24 October 2022

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