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Flag of Zimbabwe

Five colours make up the flag of Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwe flag consists of seven horizontal bands in the five national colours; Black, Yellow, Red, Green and White.

Flag of the Republic of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Flag (1980 to present)

The Meaning of the Flag's Colours and Symbolism

• The black band in the middle of the flag represents the black majority of people of Zimbabwe
• The red bands are symbolic of the blood spilled during the liberation struggle - the fight for independence
• The yellow bands signify the country's mineral wealth
• The green bands on the outer edges of the flag of Zimbabwe are symbolic of the country's agriculture and vegetation
On the left section of the flag:
• The white triangle contains the country’s national emblem, the Zimbabwe Bird. The white colour of the triangle represents peace in the country
• The red five-point star symbolises hope for the future.

Zimbabwe Coat of Arms

Similar themes are expressed in the national coat of arms...

• The colour green represents the fertility of the land
• The wavy blue and white lines are a representation of the water that brings prosperity
• The rifle and the hoe mirror the transition from war to peace
• The gold and green wreath below the rifle and hoe symbolise the mining and agricultural industries of Zimbabwe
• The star tinged with red, much like on the flag of Zimbabwe, represent the hopes for the future and past bloodshed
• The kudus' harmonious colours of black, brown and white, are a representation of the the various ethnic origins of the Zimbabwe people
• The earthen mound below the kudus with the cotton, maize and wheat represents the need to provide for the people of Zimbabwe
• The silk banner with the words Unity, Freedom and Work - the country's motto which emphasises the need for unity and work to preserve the country's hard-won freedom.
• The green shield is a symbol of the fertility of Zimbabwe's soil
• The depiction of Great Zimbabwe in the centre of the shield represents the nation's history and heritage

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Historical Flag of Zimbabwe

Back when the British South Africa (BSA) Company were administrators of the then Southern Rhodesia, they used the same flag which was used in Northern Rhodesia (Zambia).

Flag of the British South Africa Company in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe)
Flag of British South Africa Company (1890 to 1923)

In 1923, Southern Rhodesia had it's own flag after the end of the BSA Company's commission in the region.

Flag of Southern Rhodesia 1923 to 1964 Flag of Southern Rhodesia 1946 to 1968
Flag of Southern Rhodesia from 1923 to 1964 Flag of Southern Rhodesia from 1964 to 1968

From 1970 to the time before independence, Zimbabwe was known as Rhodesia of The Republic of Rhodesia.

Flag of Southern Rhodesia 1968 to 1979 Flag of Southern Rhodesia 1979 to 1980
Flag of Southern Rhodesia from 1968 to 1979 Flag of Southern Rhodesia from 1979

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