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Victoria Falls Travel

How to get there? is one of the most common questions we are asked, we hope to shed some light on this below...

The three major access options to Victoria Falls are quite obviously Air, Rail and Road we have broken them down into these sections below.

Click on this link Vic Falls travel questions for commonly asked travel questions.

Getting to Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls Travel by ** Air **

Victoria Falls Town (Zimbabwe) and Livingstone Town (Zambia) both have international airports. These are serviced by several flights a day from various destinations.

We will deal individually with the major routes below:

Flights from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls

There are two choices here, you can either fly into Victoria Falls airport (Zimbabwe) or Livingstone airport (Zambia). This is an important initial decision to make as it affects many things.

If you are unsure as to which country to stay in please visit this page Zimbabwe or Zambia it should help you to make a decision.

Flights into Zambia are sometimes cheaper than the flights into Zimbabwe, however higher prices for accommodation and activities, can balance the sums.

If you opt to stay in Zimbabwe, then of course if you fly into Zimbabwe direct there is no problem, you might need a visa (check here) which is given to you at the airport and then catch your transfer into town (22kms). The time this process takes all depends on how full the flight is, so at peak times of year with full aircraft it can take a couple of hours to clear customs and catch your bus into town, in quieter times this can be done in under an hour, so just bear this in mind when booking any activities on the afternoon you arrive. Generally there is sufficient time for a sunset cruise or a helicopter flight.

Airlines which fly from Johannesburg to Livingstone, Zambia

SA Airlink.

Airlines which fly from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

British Airways, Air Zimbabwe

Airlines which fly from Nelspruit to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe


Flights from Cape Town

Kenya Airways flies from Cape Town to Livingstone (Zambia) on Sundays and Tuesdays, and onwards to Nairobi.

Kenya Airways also flies from Cape Town to Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe), but on Fridays and then onwards to Nairobi.

South African Airways now flies 6 days a week between Cape Town and Victoria Falls - Mondays and Fridays.

It is interesting to note that flight prices are very erratic across all the airlines. Highly expensive one day and then quite cheap the next. You can search all the major airlines and get the best prices available by using the Travel Start search engine below. Its really good actually, we use it all the time for our bookings.

If you are outside South Africa, please use the following link:

Flights from Addis Ababa to Victoria Falls

Ethiopian Airways fly direct from Addis Ababa to Victoria Falls Airport. The airline flies into Victoria Falls from Addis on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, and then flies back out on the same days via Gaborone (Botswana) on this route. Ethiopian Airways links guests to 85 destinations around the world.

Flights from Harare to Victoria Falls

Air Zimbabwe operates four times a week between Harare and Victoria Falls, as well as Bulawayo to Victoria Falls. For updates on the flight schedule see our Important Newsflash or Victoria Falls News section.

Fastjet flies between Harare and Victoria Falls five days a week, as well as Bulawayo to Victoria Falls six days a week. They started as a Tanzania-based low cost airline who have expanded rapidly to service a few southern African destinations, linking the region with east Africa.

Kuva Air now fly four days a week between Harare and Victoria Falls. Other flights are available to different parts of the country.

Flights From Windhoek and Maun to Victoria Falls

Fastjet will begin flights from Maun to Victoria Falls in June 2022. Flights from Windhoek are by Eurowings, and they come in on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

For research on all these destinations use Travel Start search engine above, it makes life a lot simpler.

See our Getting Around Page on the best way to get from the Airports into town.

This link takes you to a schedule of flights in and out of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

For more detail information on flight schedules, visit this Victoria Falls Flight schedule page.

Victoria Falls Travel by ** Rail **

Regular train services no longer run between South Africa and Victoria Falls no matter what you might read in some Guide books.

There is however a luxury train service that travels directly to Victoria Falls from South Africa which is the Luxury Rovos Rail. This is not a regular shuttle service but rather a holiday in itself. Cape Town to Victoria falls takes about 6 days and I must say sounds absolutely out of this world. Cost are not for the faint a hearted though.

Rovos Rail train trip through the African wilderness - Pretoria to Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

Rovos Rail through the wilderness

The more affordable Shongololo Express (managed by Rovos Rail) offers a long journey through Mozambique and Swaziland from Pretoria to Victoria Falls, in 3-star luxury.

Shongololo Express dining carriagem - Pretoria to Victoria Falls luxury railway journey

Inside the Shongololo Express

There is normally an overnight train from Bulawayo to Victoria Falls. However, this service is currently suspended until further notice. During normal circumstances, this is an option but it is certainly not luxurious. The trains are a bit run down – but it is a unique African experience if you are up for it and is perfectly safe, our son has done it before. You would be able to buy your ticket to Victoria Falls from the office at the station. This ticket to Victoria Falls is fairly cheap with a first class costing approximately $10.

The train station in Victoria Falls is right next to Victoria Falls Hotel and the Kingdom Hotel and less than a kilometre from the town centre.

Victoria Falls travel by ** Road **

Travelling to Victoria Falls by road is also an option. Fuel is usually available, however some garages do run out so always make sure you have enough to get to the next fuel point (be sure to check up on our NEWSFLASH page for up-to-date information). The price does fluctuate as with fuel prices around the world. Don't forget to take cash with you as most may not accept credit or debit cards.

Fuel is available from the garages in the Victoria Falls town centre. If for some reason they have run out you may be able to source fuel from one of the bulk suppliers in the industrial sites. (see map)

In South Africa and Botswana fuel stations accept all major credit and debit cards.

Zimbabwe has some strict requirements for vehicles entering the country, please read about these here Zimbabwe Vehicle Regulations.

The major roads in Zimbabwe are still in good condition and are perfectly acceptable to drive on. Traffic around the major centres like Harare and Bulawayo is nowadays quite congested.

Bus Services

For those who just want to get from point A to point B, there are cheap buses that travel daily, leaving in the morning as well as in the evening between Victoria Falls and Harare, passing through Bulawayo and the smaller towns in between. These are not luxury buses, and they do not offer any extra amenities, except some music or a movie. They will make a few short stops along the way for recess and for passengers to get a bite to eat. Read Victoria Falls bus for more information.

The border post options available

Beitbridge Border Post (Open) - Between Zimbabwe and South Africa.. Very Busy but efficient…Worth avoiding if you can.
Plumtree Border Post (Open) – Between Botswana and Zimbabwe ..Mostly quiet and efficient, although still best to arrive early morning or late afternoon.. My choice of preference, as long as fuel is available as you still have a long way to go to get to the Falls.
Pandamatenga Border Post (Closed)- Between Botswana and Zimbabwe.. Very quiet but efficient…once when we came through here at about 3 o’clock in the afternoon we were the only vehicle that had been through that day and we had to wake up the customs officials. The road on the Zimbabwe side for about 80 kilometres is dirt and is quite tough going, on the map it looks like a short cut but in reality it is not.
Kazungula Border Post (Open) – Between Botswana and Zimbabwe... Moderately busy but efficient. This is only 70 Kilometres from the Falls so is an ideal place to refuel and shop for supplies.
Victoria Falls Bridge (Open) – Between Zambia and Zimbabwe… Busy and moderately efficient. Essential for getting into Zambia to do activities on that side or visa versa. Ideal for refuelling when required.

Try this useful Distance Calculator to help plan your trip

Please read these Victoria Falls Travel Reviews from other travellers who have just been there.

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