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I really hope that you find the below calendar useful. It should help you to decide on which time of year suits you. Obviously very difficult to put it all down on to an easy to read chart so if you do have any questions feel free to contact us, or look at the questions that we have had from other travellers, the answer you are looking for might just be there. If you haven't read our weather page, do so, as that will also be of use to you when planning your trip.

Month Seasonal Shift What's happening Sunrise
Jan • Height of rainy season;
• Hot and humid with thunderstorms and torrential downpours;
• Can get several days of continuous rain;
• The Victoria Falls become more intense with increased river flow;
• White water rafting will normally change to the high water run.
• Thick vegetation growth;
• Animals disperse widely across the veld, therefore not the best time for game viewing;
• Rainforest very damp;
• Most rainforest flowers in bloom;
• Grass at its most nutritious;
• Lots of bird activity as many nestlings are raised.


Feb • Hot days and warm nights, plenty of rain;
• "the smoke that thunders" (spray from the falls) rises high in the sky;
• Most of the rainforest is under constant shower;
River level rises significantly.
• High water white water rafting run.
• Dramatic bush growth because of the rains:
• Foliage dense;
• African ebony trees come into fruit; • Waterbuck breeding season;
• Many nursery herds evident in Zambezi national park.



March • Hot days and warm nights;
• Rainy season coming to an end but river levels very high and Falls are pumping furiously;
Rafting often closes due to high water levels
• Migrant birds start to depart;
• Kudu and buffalo breeding peak; Grasslands in full seed;
• Baobab trees start to fruit


April • End of rainy season, but the water from the catchment area upstream in Zambia has arrived;
• The Victoria Falls at its highest flow with an average of 500 million litres of water per minute. Highest ever recorded was 700 million litres in 1958.
• Most animals in peak condition at the end of the rainy season, due to the volume of food available;
• Impala, wildebeest and warthog rutting season;
• Final departure of migrant birds


May • Beginning of Autumn;
• Days are warm to hot with a chill coming into the evening air;
• Zambezi flowing strongly despite advent of the dry season
• Deciduous trees begin to lose their leaves; best month for fishing in the Zambezi;
• White backed vulture breeding season; wild dogs breed.


June • Autumn gives way to winter;
• Warm to hot days, dry weather, chilly at night;
• Zambezi river levels drops
• Raptor courtship displays more evident;
Game starts to become concentrated near water as the grass cover recedes


July • Height of dry season coincides with mid winter:
• Days on the whole are still warm, but you can get a cold spell creeping in for a few days; nights are very chilly; Definitely bring something warm;
• No rain
• Elephants migrate to winter pastures;
• Raptor breeding season;
• Mopane leaves begin taking on their distinctive winter hue of burnt orange.


Aug • Dry, warm days and cool nights;
• Sometimes windy, signalling a shift in the seasons;
• Eastern cataract in Zambia often becomes exposed due to low water levels of the Zambezi
• Increase in Elephant population on Zambian side of river, which is the winter feeding ground for elephants from northern Zimbabwe and Botswana. 06h36


Sept • Spring brings noticeable increase in temperatures;
• Hot days, nights becoming warmer;
• Excellent white water rafting as the water levels drop and rapids become exposed
• First migrant birds arrive from Europe and elsewhere in Africa;
• Weavers begin breeding;
• Knob thorn acacia trees begin flowering indicating a change in season.


Oct • Hottest month of the year, often known as suicide month because it is so hot;
• Building up towards the start of the rainy season, with the occasional storm taking the edge off the heat;
• Eastern cataract usually dry.
• White water rafting still excellent.
• Breeding plumage appears in certain birds and heightened courtship displays;
• Marulas in flower;
• Long tail cassias display beautiful yellow flowers;
• New mopane leaf growth.


Nov • Usually the start of the rainy season although rains may be late or early;
• Days are very hot and nights are warm;
• The Victoria Falls is at its lowest ahead of the upstream rainy season.
• White water rafting still excellent
• Baobab trees in flower;
• Mopane trees exhibit new growth;
• Blood lilies in flower;
• White gardenia flowers are out;
• Elephants begin to disperse back to Zimbabwe and Chobe;
• Impala calving season;
• More migrant birds arrive;
• Dramatic increase in insect activity.


Dec • Hot and humid as the rainy season works towards its peak;
• Cooler than October because of cloud cover;
• Can get several days on continuous rain;
• Falls are still quite low but levels are starting to rise with rains from the localised catchment area.
• Eastern cataract still exposed.
White water rafting still excellent.
• The Lwindii ancestral worship ceremony at the Falls;
• Dragonflies at their most active in the rainforest;
• Flame lily and other rainforest flowers in bloom;
• Wildebeest breeding season


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