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The Story of David Livingstone

'The Life of Dr David Livingstone...Missionary, Explorer, Author, Philanthropist and Liberator'

The statue of David Livingstone at the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

If you are ever fortunate enough to visit the Victoria Falls, you can experience a live talk on the life of Dr David Livingstone. These are conducted on some of the Zambezi River Cruises at an additional cost.

However, if you are not, we have managed to get access to exclusive rights for a limited time, to offer you an unabridged live recording of one of these talks, by the legendary Christopher Worden from the Life of Livingstone Raconteurs.

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Chris recounts this fascinating and astounding story of courage and determination, in vivid detail. Slides and maps help to convey how he overcome obstacles and embarked on expeditions that today we would quite frankly not believe were possible, traversing 28 000 miles of unchartered territory.

His life was a remarkable one; born into a poor family in Glasgow, who worked his way up through the ranks to become "the greatest man of his generation" and a household name in England. Only to then be shunned by his fellow countrymen for a failed mission to navigate all the way up the Zambezi.

Portrait of David Livingstone

Undeterred, he gathered himself once again to return to Africa for his final mission to find the source of the River Nile. He would return to England, this time in a coffin but once again as a hero for his instrumental role in finally putting an end to the horrific slave trade.

He was laid to rest in Westminster Abbey alongside Charles Darwin and other great explorers, with his dying words engraved on his grave "We must heal this bleeding sore of Africa".

The talk is approximately 40 minutes long. I was spellbound by the story and riveted to my screen for the entire length of the video.

I would really recommend you taking a look. Chris has made this available, at a small cost of $9.99 exclusive to our website visitors

Click on the button below, after payment you will be redirected to the video. If the video does not live up to your expectations, we will happily refund your money, no questions asked. Simply contact us

If you would like to book a Livingstone Talk, while you are in Victoria Falls please send us an Enquiry Form

Hope you enjoy it!

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