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Strange Facts About Victoria Falls

For those of you looking for some strange facts on Victoria Falls – we have found these, we will be adding to this list as and when we find more…. Hope you enjoy!

Rain 24/7 - Because of the spray from the falls – the Rain Forest at Victoria Falls is the only place on earth that it rains 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

Have you ever seen a Moonbow? During a full moon you can see a moonbow also known as a Lunar rainbow at Victoria Falls. This can been seen through the spray at night instead of during the day as a solar rainbow. The day light rainbow is exactly the same as the full moonlight rainbow: the colour scheme and the shape of the curvature are the same.

Did you know that people hang over the edge of the Victoria Falls - It is true when the river flow is at a safe level during the months of September to December, you can swim in a naturally formed pool known as the Devil’s Swimming Pool right on the edge of the falls (see video below). This pool is accessed from Livingstone Island – the very island that David Livingstone first saw the falls from. The natural rock wall just below the water stops you from being washed over the edge despite the current.

Tour Guide Dies As He Saves Tourist At The Devil Swim

A BRAVE Zimbabwean tour guide is presumed dead after plunging 90m into the Victoria Falls while trying to rescue a tourist.

Tourist gambling with death on the edge of the Victoria Falls

Tourists gambling with death on the edge of the Victoria Falls

The man was accompanying several western tourists on the Zambian side of the world's largest waterfall. Here, tourists swim dangerously close to the tipping point of the falls, only prevented from falling by a slippery, submerged lip of rock.

Interesting Facts

• Victoria Falls is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World– do you know them all?
Grand Canyon, Great Barrier Reef, Harbour of Rio de Janeiro, Mount Everest, Polar Aurora, Paricutin volcano.

• Victoria Falls is the world’s largest curtain of falling water. The 1,700m wide water cataract drops through 110 m only to escape through a series of zigzagging gorges a mere 100m wide and 122m deep.

Random Trivia

• The Victoria Falls Bridge was the dream and brainchild of Cecil John Rhodes, but he died before the bridge was completed.

• Queen Elizabeth the Queen of England visited the Victoria Falls in 1947… and stayed at the famous Victoria Falls Hotel in the royal suite.

• The falling water crashing into the bottom of the falls is eroding all the time. So the falls height is more than the reported 110m.

• In 1910 two people named Mrs Moss and Mr Orchard's bodies were found in the second gorge of Victoria Falls. They had been swept over the falls after their two canoes were capsized by a hippo at Long Island above the falls

• During the high water level in April of 2013, four elephants trying to swim across the Zambezi River were swept by the currents down the river and over the falls.

• It was reported by a local that a tourist had an encounter with a hippo on one of the roads in the Victoria Falls town – the funny thing was it was at least 2km from the river – not your normal road user.

• Some enthusiastic marketers installed electric lighting at the Falls for ‘nocturnal’ viewing of the Victoria Falls. The National Heritage Conservation Commission (NHCC) were not happy and they had to be removed.

We will be adding more strange facts soon as we come across them.

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