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Sundowner Spots in Victoria Falls

...for sunsets, for drinks, for both, and more

Sunset view of the Victoria Falls from the Zambia side

Victoria Falls at Sunset from the Zambia side

When one comes all the way to see the magnificent Victoria Falls and everything else around it, one must experience the perfect sundowner, and we have a few spots for you to choose from (then tell us which is your favourite in the comments below). If you go on safari into one of the camps or lodges, you will undoubtedly share sundowners in different selected spots in the wild. But for this article, we will talk about places near and in the towns, that we love for sunset drinks.

In Victoria Falls City in Zimbabwe

One of the absolute favourites has to be the viewing deck at the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, and not just for the direction it faces, but also for the view. We're not talking about the vast wilderness that is the national park, but also the waterhole right down below, where a variety of wildlife can be seen, including elephants, buffalo, giraffe, zebra, kudu, impala, warthogs, and more. If you're lucky, you might witness the resident crocodile trying to catch a meal. Stay longer, and you may be lucky to see the more nocturnal species, such as hyena. We'll drink to that!

Victoria Falls Safari Lodge view of the waterhole - Zimbabwe

The waterhole at the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge

For a 360 degree view of the surrounding area, one superb sundowner spot is at Shongwe Lookout Lodge. Here, you'll find a lookout tower unlike anywhere else in the Falls where drinks are served via a pulley system, so no-one needs to climb up and down the two-level tower. From topside, while you relax on Moroccan lounge seats, you will be able to see as far as the Zambezi River and the spray of the Victoria Falls.

The tower at Shongwe Lookout Lodge in Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe

Sundowners at Shongwe Lookout Lodge

At the Lookout Cafe, it's not about the best and fullest view of the sunset, but about the view of the surroundings…and the drinks. This place is built on the edge of the gorge, and from here, you can see down the chasm to the Zambezi River below. You can also see the Victoria Falls Bridge in the distance. Time it right, and you can enjoy sundowners and then dinner during a full moon. Now that's a view!

Full moon at the Lookout Cafe in Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe

The Lookout Cafe and the view during full moon

The Victoria Falls Hotel's Stanley Terrace is a beautiful spot where you can see straight down to the Victoria Falls Bridge, and some spray of the Falls. While you may not get a full view of the sunset, just being at the oldest and one of the best hotels in the Victoria Falls for a sundowner is a nice part of your Victoria Falls experience. They do serve high tea there, so you can head down earlier and stay for sundowners.

The view from the Victoria Falls Hotel - Zimbabwe

High tea and the view from the Victoria Falls Hotel

Across the River in Zambia

Now if you're on the Zambian side of the Zambezi River, there are a couple of spots for some spectacular sunsets.

The Zambian side of the Falls has some nice spots for sunsets, so if you're touring the Victoria Falls in the afternoon, stay a little longer at the first viewpoint and make your time at the Victoria Falls extra special. Just be aware of the closing time of 6pm though.

One very special place for sunsets in Zambia is the Royal Livingstone Hotel. We recommend going there for high tea and staying for sundowners on their riverside deck. The best view in Zambia. It helps that the spray of the Falls is also in your view. Plus, you might see some zebra, giraffe and impala roaming the hotel grounds while you're there.

The Royal Livingstone Hotel deck, the Zambezi River, the spray of the Victoria Falls, at sunset

Royal Livingstone Hotel deck over the Zambezi River at sunset

On the Zambezi River

But of-course, nothing beats being on the water on a sunset cruise. Other than fabulous venues in town, being out on a cruise boat seeing wildlife and watching the sunset is one of the best sundowner experiences in Victoria Falls. And there are various boats to choose from. If you are fine with a standard eye-level cruise, then the smaller boats and the standard cruises will do. But if you're wanting an elevated view while on the Zambezi River, then Ma Roberts, Riversong, Malachite and the Zambezi Explorer would be the way to go in Zimbabwe. In Zambia, the African Queen, African Princess, MV Makumbi and the Lady Livingstone vessels all have upper decks from which to view the river and surroundings. If you would like to add more value to your cruise, make it a sunset and dinner cruise (available in Zimbabwe only), and spend more time on the river over a delicious meal.

Riversong cruise boat on the Zambezi River - perfect for sundowners

Riversong boat on the Zambezi River

Let us know where you've been and/or which sundowner spot you fancy the most

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