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Victoria Falls Airport

Victoria Falls Airport is a small airport in comparison to most international airports around the world, but that's part of the appeal.

Victoria Falls international airport, Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls International Airport

It has 2 main buildings or terminals. The newer more modern building for International arrivals and departures and the smaller more old-fashioned building for domestic arrivals and departures.

The two terminals are inter-linked and are a very short walking distance from each other.

The new international terminal was officially commissioned in November 2016. The runaway was extended to 4 km to allow for wide-bodied jets to fly directly into Victoria Falls and the previous international terminal was converted to the new domestic terminal.

Victoria Falls Airport

The newer international terminal on the right, and the domestic terminal on the left (Photo: Tom Varley)

The new airport created great excitement in the town, as it could now cater for 1.5 million passengers per annum, three times more than was previously possible. This had an immediate impact on the volume of tourist arrivals, which rolled out to a sudden increase in the development of new hotels and guest lodges in Victoria Falls and a surge in tourism over the next few years.

The international terminal has 14 check-in counters, 9 boarding gates, 3 baggage carousels, several souvenir shops and 2 restaurants. The Victoria Falls airport is 22 km or a 20-minute drive from Victoria Falls town. The IATA code is "VFA".

Victoria Falls Airport contact telephone number: +263 83 2844428

Inside the new Victoria Falls Airport - Zimbabwe

Inside the international terminal (Photo: CAAZ)

What Is The Arrival Process At Victoria Falls International Airport?

Despite all these new improvements, getting through immigration can still be quite a lengthy process due to the processing of visas. There is no hurry in Africa. It is recommended to be one of the first off your aircraft so that you are in the front of the queue.

You are required to fill in a short arrivals form, these are normally handed to you by the cabin crew in your aircraft so that you can fill them in before entering the immigration hall.

It is highly recommended to know which visa you require before getting to the immigration desk. For more information on visas please visit our Zimbabwe visa page. Getting a visa in advance doesn't save you much time as you still stand in the same queues. There is no desk for people who already have visas.

Inside the immigration hall, there are counters for internationals, regional visitors and returning residents. Airport staff are on hand as you enter the hall, who will direct you to the correct counter and also answer any questions you may have.

How Do You Get From Victoria Falls Airport Into Town And How Long Does It Take?

If you are booked on a group transfer, which is the more affordable option, your driver will be waiting for you in the arrivals halls with a board with your name on it. You will also need to wait for all the passengers booked on that group transfer to get through immigration, baggage collection and customs before the transfers can leave for town.

Victoria Falls airport to town with a booked transfer vehicle - Zimbabwe

Airport transfers from Victoria Falls Airport (Shearwater Adventures)

The estimated time from landing to drop off at your hotel is approximately 2 hours. This can take a little less or a little more depending on how full the flight is, during the high season when the flights are full there is understandably more of a backlog. It also depends on how fast the processing systems are working that day and how many drops off points there are before yours. We recommend giving yourself at least 2.5 hours from landing to plan any activities.

We mostly recommend booking a sunset cruise on the afternoon of arrival, as these leave later in the day and it's a nice, unhurried way to start your holiday.

A slightly quicker option in some cases is to arrange a private transfer or a taxi, so you don't have to wait for other passengers.

Private transfers require a minimum of 4 people, if there are not 4 in your group then you would need to pay for the remaining spaces. Taxis are quite costly if there is just 1 or 2 of you, but they are readily available outside the exit doors.

As you exit the building, you will more than likely be warmly welcomed to Victoria Falls by a group of traditional dancers and musicians, which get you into the Africa mood. Check out this video of traditional dancers at the Victoria Falls Airport.

For more information on transfers and cross border transfers, you might find this page interesting Getting around Victoria Falls or simply contact us for information.

On departure from Victoria Falls airport, whichever mode of transport you are using be it a group transfer, private transfer or a taxi, we recommend leaving 30 mins before your check-in time to account for any delays and the picking up of other passengers.

If you arrive early, there are 2 restaurants, as well as some souvenir shops in the departure hall, should you wish to do a spot of last-minute shopping before leaving our beautiful country.

Please don't hesitate to contact us should you require help in planning your accommodation and activities whilst in Victoria Falls and the surrounding region.

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