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Victoria Falls Questions and Answers

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Is it safe to visit Victoria Falls?

Although the political situation in Zimbabwe is regularly featured negatively on the international news – We can honestly say that Victoria Falls Town is like a different country. Victoria Falls is at this time of writing a perfectly safe tourist destination. Read a more...

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How much is the entrance fee to Victoria Falls?

2015 Prices

International tourists US$ 30
Regional tourists US$ 20
Zimbabwe Permanent Residents US$10
Zimbabwean tourists US $7

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What is the difference between the Zimbabwe and Zambia side of the Falls?

Zimbabwe enjoys about 80% of the view of the Falls (16 view points). Zambia has only a small section - the eastern cataract (1 view point). If you only see the Falls from Zambia you have not really experienced Victoria Falls at all (sorry to be blunt).

In the dry season from September through to December the Zambian portion of the Falls (eastern cataract) dries up almost completely. If you arrive during this time and only see the Falls from Zambia you will feel cheated.

Zambian government levies and taxes are high and therefore the cost of Accommodation and Activities in Zambia is considerably higher than in Zimbabwe. Read More

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How do I pay for my accommodation?

Accommodation is no longer priced in Zimbabwe dollars. It is either priced in US Dollars or South African Rand. The major hotels are now accepting Visa Credit Cards, but many of the smaller establishments still don't and will only accept cash. If you arrive at a hotel without a previous booking the chances are you will pay a very high price. So my recommendation is to research and pay for your accommodation before departure with whoever you make your booking through. Read more...

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Are there ATM machines in Victoria Falls - where I can withdraw cash?

Yes, Barclays Bank and several of the other banks now have ATM cash withdrawal facilities accepting Visa and Master Cards and dispensing US$ cash. The limit is the same as your limit back home. Charges are $1.25 per transaction plus the charge from your local bank which can be 2 to 3 %. Read more...

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Is there malaria in Victoria Falls?

Yes. Malaria does occur in Victoria Falls and travellers would be advised to take an appropriate prophylactic. Please ask your travel agent or doctor for advice before you travel. Read more on Malaria and precautions to take...

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What type of accommodation is available in Victoria Falls?

There is a wide range of hotels and lodges, bed and breakfast, self catering and  camping to choose from. What ever your budget is, there will certainly be something to suit you. See more accommodation...

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What is there to do in Victoria Falls?

Apart from viewing the magnificent Victoria Falls, there is an activity to suit just about everyone’s needs. Including White water rafting, bungee jumping, river boarding, kayaking and canoeing, gorge swing, zip wire, flying fox, sunset and dinner cruises on the Zambezi, game viewing activities, walking safaris, horseback safaris, fishing, golf, helicopter and micro light flights, elephant back safaris, walking with lions, cultural experiences and lots of local crafts, to name just a few. Read more...

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How do I get to Victoria Falls?

Victoria Falls is accessible by Air, Rail and Road. Victoria falls has its own airport 22kms from the town centre. Transfers and taxis from the airport are readily available. Read in detail...

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Do I need a visa for Zimbabwe?

If you are staying for less than six months, you can enter Zimbabwe with a minimum of formalities. Most passports holders are issued with a single or double entry visa at the port of entry. Some passports are exempt. Multiple entry visas must be applied for at the embassy prior to travel. Please click on this link to check the your exact requirements

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When it the best time of the year to visit Victoria Falls?

That depends on what you want. It is hot most of the year round although in the winter months of June, July and August evening temperatures can drop to only few degrees Celsius.  Summer - September through to April can get exceedingly hot with temperatures reaching 40 degrees. The Falls are at their fullest flow rate around March, April, May and at their lowest in late October early November. At peak flow rate there is so much spray it is sometimes difficult to see the falls, but you can certainly feel them. So there is a different experience all year round. Read more ...

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Does everybody speak English?

Yes almost everyone, it is the National language and Tourism staff are all well trained and experienced. The local people's mother tongue is Ndebele. Many Hotels and activity operators also have multi-lingual staff speaking French, Italian, German and even Chinese, Special guides can be arranged at and additional cost, please contact us.

Are there food shortages in Victoria Falls?

In the past there have been food shortages but as we speak things are improving and you will find almost everything that you need, albeit maybe not a huge variety.

It is a good idea to speak to locals and find out where the latest fresh vegetables and fruit can be found - as these are normally from wholesalers and not necessarily the supermarket.

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Are there fuel shortages in Victoria Falls?

There have been fuel shortages in the past, but as we speak fuel is readily available. If you are on an organised trip the tour operators provide their own fuel, so as a visitor this will not have any impact on you what so ever.

If you are a self drive tourist fuel is available from the Total garage and also at the bulk fuel depot in the industrial sites of Victoria Falls (see map for both). Fuel is always available in Botswana and Zambia. Read More...

What will happen if I get sick whilst at Victoria Falls?

Whilst it is standard practice to advise all tourists to purchase the necessary medical and evacuation cover when travelling to foreign countries, we are pleased to advise that there is an excellent private clinic in Victoria Falls manned by qualified and experienced staff.

T.H.B Private Hospital (www.thehealthbridge.org) was built and equipped specifically for tourists. It has state of the art equipment of international standard and experienced practitioners. It offers Accident & Emergencies; Maternity; Admissions and dental.

They also have a Medical Air Rescue Service (MARS) base in Victoria Falls in the event that an emergency evacuation is required. Most activity operators and some hoteliers include MARS evacuation cover in their charges.

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Can I drink the water in Victoria Falls?

Yes. Most, if not all locals, drink happily from municipal supplies. However, if you suspect you may have a sensitive stomach, then bottled water is recommended and is readily available.


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