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Personally I love books. If we are on a family day out somewhere and there happens to be any sort of book shop around, my kids will attract my attention in the opposite direction as they know I will be in there for hours.

Zimbabwe is one of the most spectacular tourist destinations in the world, and many books have been written and produced, both coffee table picture books as well as travel guides, showcasing the amazing destinations.

Our history has been turbulent to say the least, from the early hunters and explorers, through white colonisation and then a bitter war in the 60's and 70's which eventually lead to Independence in 1980. Many books were written about this period.

In more recent history Mugabe's controversial rule and seizure of white owned farms, lead to another outpouring of books.

Due to this rather unusual and sometimes harsh background, people of great resolve have been bred and they have interesting stories to tell.

Our goal here is to slowly build up a great library of books relating to Zimbabwe, including guides that we think will be of use to you as a traveller.

Books About Zimbabwe

The following is a list of books written about Zimbabwean history, culture, and the wonderful places within Zimbabwe's borders. Click on the images to get more information about the books.

Books Written By Zimbabweans

The following books were written by people of Zimbabwe from various backgrounds, including true and fictional tales, poetry, and short stories.


We also recommend that you read OUR guide book on Victoria Falls and Zimbabwe. Download a free version here.

Zimbabwe Book Reviews

Review books from or about Zimbabwe that you have read below.

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Share your review about a book that you have read by a Zimbabwean author, or a book about Zimbabwe.


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