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14th July 2021

These are the latest details that we are aware of regarding travel to Zimbabwe, during Covid-19. We live in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and will update this page with any amendments that we become aware of. We actually contact the Port Health Authority to get the correct information, rather than reading press releases which are often in accurate.


• There is NO Mandatory Quarantine for travellers arriving  in Zimbabwe, except and only for travellers who have arrived or transited through India (see more details below).
• Zimbabwe's international airports are open to receive international travellers.
• Zimbabwe's land borders remain closed, except for transportation of goods and for returning residents.
• Travelling by road within Zimbabwe's borders is restricted, and allowed for travel that supports food and medicine production. Proof of reason for travel is now required.
• Self-drive tourists with an itinerary and reservations at hotels, appear to be allowed to travel throughout the country, although this has not been clarified in any government directive.
• There is now a curfew between 18h30 and 06h00.
• Victoria Falls National Park and other national parks around the country are open. Normal opening hours apply.
• Most hotels and lodges in Victoria Falls remain open.
• Restaurants in Zimbabwe's hotels and lodges are allowed to operate at 50% capacity, and under strict adherence to Covid-19 guidelines. Bars remain closed until further notice. Other Restaurants are closed for eat-in service, but may serve take-away customers until 15h30.
• Some activities are open in Victoria Falls.
• Please check with us for the exact details on the above.

Arriving By Air

• All passengers arriving at Harare, Bulawayo or Victoria Falls International Airports are required to present a negative PCR COVID-19 Clearance Certificate obtained within 48 hours of boarding. Passengers can then proceed unless the officials believe a traveller to be symptomatic, or unless the traveller has arrived from or via India (please see the notes below). They then may be required to undergo a further PCR test on arrival at the travellers own cost ($60).
• All passengers are required to complete a COVID-19 contact-tracing document on arrival.
• An Airport Official may also take passengers' temperatures. Anyone recording a temperature equal to or higher than 38°C will be tested for COVID-19 at their expense.
• Travellers that test positive will then be required to go into local isolation for 10 days. Isolation is at the traveller's own expense.
• After isolation, travellers will need to be retested before they are permitted to travel home or on to their next destination.
• Travellers flying into Zimbabwe can overnight for up to 30 days before a road transfer or a flight out of the country.
• Travellers are to adhere to WHO COVID-19 standard practices at all times, such as maintaining social distancing, wearing a mask in public and practicing personal hygiene.

Arriving Through A Land Border

• Temporarily restricted to transportation of goods and returning residents.
• Travellers can only enter through a land border if they are transiting Zimbabwe and are flying out on the same day. They have to produce a printed version of their departure flight for the same day. Travellers arriving in Zimbabwe by road cannot overnight in the country.

On Departure

• Departing guests must show their negative PCR test upon entering the airport, and they are not permitted to enter without this. If you are staying in Zimbabwe and your PCR certificate expires you will need to be re-tested before departure. PCR tests are available at all international airports. In Victoria Falls tests are also available at some of the lodges, the Health Bridge clinic and Lancet Laboratories in the town centre, at a cost of $60 on weekdays and $70 on weekends. Results generally take 2 to 6 hours but we suggest allowing 24 hours for comfort.

Should a guest test positive after this test, they are required to go into an isolation centre for ten days. Travellers will be retested after five days. Isolation will be at the traveller's expense. They can isolate at a Government facility, or if the property they are staying at has an isolation room, they can opt to stay there.

Applicable law regarding travellers arriving from or via India

*On 29th June, the government of Zimbabwe enforced an amendment to the statutory instrument regarding Covid-19, with separate rules for travellers coming from India.

• Travellers arriving from India, or transited via India on their way to Zimbabwe will need to be retested and quarantined on arrival at a hotel or designated quarantine facility, at their expense. Retesting will also be done on the 3rd, 5th and 10th day of quarantine, with all expenses borne by the isolated person.
• If the test result is positive, they will be taken to an isolation centre (and all reasonable expenses associated with the isolation will be borne by the isolated person).
• If the test result is negative, they will need to quarantine in a hotel (designated for the purpose by an enforcement officer) at their own expense, for a period of 10 days, at the end of which they shall submit to being retested at their own expense.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does one have to go into mandatory quarantine on arrival?
No there is no mandatory quarantine, except and only if you have travelled from or via India. Otherwise, you only have to go into isolation if you are tested positive whilst in Zimbabwe.

Can one get a PCR test done in Zimbabwe and Where?
Yes, PCR tests are available at Harare, Bulawayo and Victoria Falls international airports. They are also available at most clinics and hospitals throughout Zimbabwe. In Victoria Falls, the Lancet Laboratories and The Health Bridge do PCR tests. Even some of the hotels and lodges offer PCR tests for their clients.

How much does a PCR test cost?
The average price for a PCR test is $60 on weekdays and $70 on weekends. Prices may differ depending on the testing centre.

How long does it take to get the results?
The results are on average taking 2 to 6 hrs, but we do suggest, if possible to allow 24hours for comforts sake.

What will happen if a traveller gets infected while in the country?
They are required to go into an isolation centre for 10 days, this will be at the traveller's own expense. Travellers will be retested after five days. They can isolate at a Government facility, or if the property they are staying at has an isolation room, they can opt to stay there.

Are there curfew hours in Zimbabwe?
Yes, there is a curfew from 18h30 to 06h00.

Does Zimbabwe have a high rate of Corona virus infections?
It is difficult to compare the numbers of cases with other countries as the amount of testing done in Zimbabwe is very few comparatively. However, the death rate attributed to the corona virus is very low at about 0.015% of the population as of the date of this article. Victoria Falls itself has seen comparatively very little evidence of the corona virus.

Can I fly into Livingstone Airport and out of Victoria Falls Airport?
Essentially yes but you cannot overnight in Zimbabwe you have to depart on the same day. You have to be in transit and produce a printed version of your departure flight for the same day. This means that you will need a negative PCR certificate before crossing the border into Zimbabwe.

Flight Schedule to Zimbabwe

International Flights to Victoria Falls
• Ethiopian Airlines – return Addis Ababa - Victoria Falls flights every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.
• Kenya Airways – flights from Nairobi to Victoria Falls on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.
• FastJet – flies Johannesburg to Victoria Falls daily return.
• Mackair – daily flights between Victoria Falls and Kasane airports.
• BA Comair –  Flights will be suspended from Monday, July 5, and Comair aims to recommence services from July 30.
• Airlink – return Cape Town to Vic Falls on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Tuesday and Thursday flights will be added in August.

Domestic Flights to Victoria Falls
• Air Zimbabwe – flies Bulawayo - Victoria Falls - Harare every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sundays. Please note that Air Zimbabwe flights may change without notice.
• FastJet – flies Harare to Victoria Falls daily return.
• FastJet – flies Harare to Bulawayo return daily except on Saturdays.

International Flights to Harare
• Emirates – flies Dubai to Harare return on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
• Ethiopian Airlines – flies Addis to Harare return daily.
• SA Airlink – flies Johannesburg to Harare (and Bulawayo) return daily. Also daily flights between Cape Town and Harare.
• BA Comair –  Flights will be suspended from Monday, July 5, and Comair aims to recommence services from July 30.
• Kenya Airways – flies Nairobi to Harare return 4 days a week (some flights via Lusaka).
• FastJet – flies from Harare to Johannesburg return on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

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