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Zimbabwe has Many Different Faces...

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Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls is located on the Zambezi River, about 1000km from its source, the Victoria Falls are Zimbabwe's best known geographical feature and tourist attraction.  


Great Zimbabwe

Great Zimbabwe

Great Zimbabwe.  This Iron Age site, the symbol and namesake of modern Zimbabwe, lies 27km south-east of Masvingo and is the remains of an extensive town built between 1200 and 1450AD. The word "Zimbabwe" is derived from the Shona words dzimba dzamabwe and means "house of stone"



The Matobo Hills

The Matobo Hills Zimbabwe

The Matobo Hills, are located 40km south of Bulawayo, they are remarkable for their unusual scenery and the diversity of their flora and fauna.  They are also a focal point of much of Zimbabwe's history and prehistory.

The hills were the scene of the famous indaba between Cecil Rhodes and Ndebele leaders in 1896.  Rhodes and several other leading early settlers are buried on the summit of Malindizimu, the "hill of the spirit's", 44 km south of Bulawayo.




Lake Kariba

Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe

Kariba Dam was constructed between 1955 and 1959 on the Zambezi River, 620km downstream of Victoria Falls, to provide hydro-electric power to Zambia and Zimbabwe.  Before the dam was built a major resettlement exercise was undertaken to relocate the Tonga people living in the area to be flooded. Wild animals were moved to higher ground and Operation Noah was instituted to rescue animals threatened with drowning or with starvation from being marooned


The Eastern Highlands

The Eastern Highlands in Zimbabwe

The Eastern Highlands are Zimbabwe's eastern border area is dominated for 300km by a series of hills and mountains that form the edge of the country's central plateau and are known collectively as the Eastern Highlands.  They extend from the rolling down lands and steep scarps near Nyanga in the north to the sheer cliffs of the Chimanimani Mountains in the south.

A great holiday area providing trout fishing, horse riding and golf.

Pictures of Zimbabwe


City of Harare in Zimbabwe

Harare (formerly Salisbury) is the capital of Zimbabwe and the largest city in the country.  It is situated in the north-west of the country.  It is the seat of government and the and the administrative centre for three Mashonaland provinces.  It is a focal point of road, rail and air services and has an international airport.


Masvingo in Zimbabwe

This town (formerly Fort Victoria) lies on the main Harare-Beitbridge road,292km south of Harare and 288km north of Beitbridge.

Masvingo was founded in 1890 as the first permanent settlement for whites and a fort, named in honour of Queen Victoria, was built.



City of Bulawayo in Zimbabwe

Bulawayo is Zimbabwe's second largest city and the administrative, commercial and industrial capital of Matebeleland North and South.  It is situated towards the south of Zimbabwe 111km from the Botswana Border.  Bulawayo was originally known as GuBulawayo, meaning 'the place of slaughter'.  The name was given by Lobengula after battles he fought with other regiments of his people before he established himself as King.



Mutare in Zimbabwe

The city of Mutare (formerly Umtali) is Zimbabwe's fourth largest city.  It is the capital of Manicaland province and is situated in the Eastern Highlands.  Lying in a gap through which the main road and railway link between Zimbabwe and Mozambique pass, the town being 8km from the Mozambique border.


St Francis Church in Masvingo Zimbabwe

Luminous murals painted by Italian prisoners of war adorn the ceilings and walls of St. Francis Church in Masvingo built in 1940.


City of Harare

Flamboyant trees line many streets in the city of Harare


City of Harare

One of the many sky lines of Harare - Zimbabwe capital city

Pictures of Zimbabwe


The Wilderness and Game Parks...

Lake Kariba

Kariba - is a favourite place for some relaxing on one of the many houseboats that can be hired to explore the islands, channels and vast expansions of water.  The unforgettable scenes of the drowned trees and herds of buffalo and elephant that adorn the shores together with the orange and gold sunsets - will leave its impression on one forever.  Home to many animals and birds the most favourite being the Fish Eagle who lonely cry can be heard through out the lake.

Lake Kariba is home to many species of fish, with the Tiger fish being one of the most exciting fish to catch.  The lights of the many kapenta rigs can be seen at night as they pull in ton after ton of the little sardine type fish that will be dried and salted and forms one of the main staple dishes of the local Zimbabwean.  


Houseboat on Lake Kariba

Houseboats on Lake Kariba


Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe

A view of the many dead trees that haunt Lake Kariba


Buffalo herds on the shores of Lake Kariba

Buffalo herds on the shores of Lake Kariba

Lake Kariba - Zimbabwe

The haunting beauty of Lake Kariba's drowned forests

Bumi Hills overlooking Lake Kariba

Bumi Hills Safari Lodge overlooking the shores of Lake Kariba


Caribbea Bay - Lake Kariba

Caribbea Bay a resort on the shores of Lake Kariba


Kapenta rig on Lake Kariba

Kapenta fishing rig on Lake Kariba


Shores of Lake Kariba Zimbabwe

The shores of Lake Kariba - appear as undisturbed Eden.


Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe

The far reaching shores of Lake Kariba with the Matusadona Mountains in the back ground.


Southern Bell - Houseboat on Lake Kariba

The Southern Bell the largest house boat on Lake Kariba  


Lake Kariba - Zimbabwe

Rays of sunlight through the clouds over the islands in Lake Kariba

Pictures of Zimbabwe


Matobo Hills

The Matobo Hills cover about 320 000ha and have been eroded from an exposed granite batholith thought to be over 3 000 million years old.  Hump-backed domes have resulted from exfoliation of the granite often forming remarkable 'balancing rock' formations.  The Matobo region is particularly well known for the number and quality of its Stone Age rock art site.  


The Matobo Hills Zimbabwe

Moon rising over the Matobo Hills

The Matobo Hills  in Zimbabwe

Natures fascinating rock sculptures adorn the Matobo Hills


Worlds View in Matobo Hills

Cecil Rhodes raised this monument on top of World's view in the Matobo Hills in honour of Allan Wilson and the men who fell to the Ndebele at Shangani in 1893.


Balancing rocks in Zimbabwe

Balancing rocks are often seen in parts of Zimbabwe

Pictures of Zimbabwe



Great Zimbabwe

The site of Great Zimbabwe covers over 720ha and comprises mainly Great Zimbabwei stone wall enclosures and areas of hut remains.  The two main geographical areas of stone wall enclosures are ; the Hill Complex, on the long, steep-sided granite hill that rises 80m above the surrounding ground; and the land below this hill where the Valley Enclosures and the Great Enclosure are situated.

The stone walls, up to 6m thick and 11m high, are built of granite blocks without the use of mortar.  Natural granite boulders are often incorporated into a wall which usually follows a curved line.  The purpose of the walls was primarily to enclose areas within which clay structures and smaller partition walls were constructed.


Great Zimbabwe's great enclosure with conical tower a shrine to both past and future.

Pictures of Zimbabwe


Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls - one of the natural 7 wonders of the world.  Victoria Falls town is on the southern bank of the Zambezi River with in walking distance to the spectacular Victoria Falls.  It is now an important tourist centre, providing varied accommodation and adrenalin activities to many foreign and local tourists. 


Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

A rainbow at Victoria Falls a sight treasured by many people who have witnessed it.


Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls in its splendour


Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

More rainbows to enjoy at Victoria Falls

Pictures of Zimbabwe


Mana Pools National Park

The Mana Pools National Park is 219 600ha and forms part of the extensive middle Zambezi River valley wilderness complex stretching from Kariba Dam downstream to the Mozambique border.  Widely recognised as one of the finest and least developed wildlife and wilderness parks in southern Africa.  It has good numbers of most indigenous mammals and a wealth of birds species.


Mana Pools in Zimbabwe

One of the many seasonal ponds in Mana Pools National Park


Zambezi river in Mana Pools

The peaceful Zambezi river seen flowing past Mana Pools


Mana Pools in Zimbabwe

The unforgettable Mana Pools

Pictures of Zimbabwe

Nyanga National Park

The Nyanga National Park lies at the northern end of Zimbabwe's Eastern Highlands.  It is well watered by numerous streams and rivers and holds a  number of exotic pine forests.  The park is dominated by Mount Inyangani which lies at its north-eastern extremity and is the highest mountain in Zimbabwe at 2 592M. The Pungwe River rises at the foot of the mountain and flows southwards through the park before dropping 240m into the densely wooded Pungwe Gorge.  The Mtarazi Falls, a few kilometres south of the Pungwe Gorge, have a 762m drop and thus are Zimbabwe's highest waterfall.


Worlds View in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe

Worlds  View Nyanga Mountains in the Eastern Highlands

Chimanimani Mountains in Zimbabwe

Granite out crops in the Chimanimani Mountains

Pictures of Zimbabwe


Birchenough Bridge

Birchenough Bridge spans the wide meandering reaches of the Save River and links the road to Mutare and Masvingo


Birchenough Bridge in Zimbabwe

Pictures of Zimbabwe


The People....

The largest of the indigenous communities are the Shona and secondly the Ndebele. Others communities are the Tongo people of the Zambezi Valley, most of whom were displaced and resettled when Lake Kariba was formed, the Sotho, the Hlengwe of the south, and the Vendao, a small group of hunter-gathers.


People of Zimbabwe

A young tea picker with child

Prince Edward School pupils in Zimbabwe

Two pupils of Prince Edward School - one of the well known schools in Harare



Child in Zimbabwe

Bath time in a bucket

Child in Zimbabwe

Smiling youngster


An old man of Zimbabwe

An old man

Smiling youg girl in Zimbabwe

A smiling young girl



A market in Zimbabwe


A village in Zimbabwe

Bath time in a local village



Hard times are seen around the country

Pictures of Zimbabwe

The Sport...

Zimbabwe cricket team

Zimbabwe cricket team celebrating a win.


Kirsty Coventry of Zimbabwe

Kirsty Coventry (Swimming) a Zimbabwe heroine with three medals at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens and another 4 medals in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.


Unique Pictures of Zimbabwe.....


The signs

Zimbabwe currency

The currency

Zimbabwe Beer

The local beer


Air Zimbabwe

Air Zimbabwe the national airline


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