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Victoria Falls Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

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Common Questions

Accommodation in Victoria Falls

How much does accommodation cost in Victoria Falls?
Victoria Falls Activities

Activities What Activities can I do in Victoria Falls?
Victoria Falls climate and weather

Best Time to Visit When is the best time of the year to visit Victoria Falls?
Community Projects in Victoria Falls

Community Projects What community projects are there in Victoria Falls?
Eating out in Victoria Falls

Dining What restaurants are there in Victoria Falls?

Drinking Water Can I drink the water in Victoria Falls?
Currency used in Victoria Falls

Entrance Fees How much is the Entrance Fees to Victoria Falls?
Victoria Falls events

Events What's on in Victoria Falls?

Food Shortages Is it true that there are food shortages in Victoria Falls?

Fuel Shortages Are there fuel shortages?

Game What animals will I see in Zimbabwe?
Getting to Victoria Falls

Getting There How do I get to Victoria Falls?

Health Issues What will happen if I get sick whilst at Victoria Falls?

Itineraries Do you book and organize accommodation and activities?

Language in Vic Falls Does everybody speak English?
Mosquitoes and Malaria

Yellow Fever Certificates Do you need a Yellow Fever vaccination and certificate?
Mosquitoes and Malaria

Malaria & Mosquitoes Is there malaria in Victoria Falls?
Currency used in Victoria Falls

Money Matters Are there ATM machines in Victoria Falls - where I can withdraw cash?
Victoria Falls Guide email newsletter

Newsletter Do you have a newsletter with local information and updates?
Accommodation in Victoria Falls

Paying for Accommodation How do I pay for my accommodation?
Crime and safety

Safety Is it safe to visit Victoria Falls?
Shopping in Victoria Falls

Shopping What shops are there in Victoria Falls?
Zimbabwe Visas

Visas Do I need a visa for Zimbabwe?
Why you should come to Victoria Falls

Why Victoria Falls Why should I go to Victoria falls?
Zimbabwe or Zambia

Zimbabwe or Zambia? What is the difference between the Zimbabwean and Zambian side of the Falls?

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Questions From Other Travellers

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Are they currently available and are they available to Irish passport holders? Thanks

Long term parking options 
Hello Tony & Boo, could you advise of any establishments that do long term parking around Victoria falls (aware of several over the border in Livingstone) …

From Victoria Falls to Hwange and back 
We are planning to leave Victoria Falls to Hwange National Park and then back the following day by the end of August 2017. Could you please advise on timings …

Visit falls in late August (4th week of August 2017) 
Hi Planning a trip to the Falls. The main purpose is to view the falls when it has a decent flow but not too much spray to limit visibility. Last week …

Crossing border with borrowed vehicle 
We are coming to Victoria falls next year and will be using my brothers 4x4 vehicle. will we be able to cross the border with it? We will be traveling …

Victoria Falls Photographic Rainbow Tour -- Level of Walking Difficulty 
How much walking is involved in the photographic rainbow tour and what is the level of difficulty?

Walking to the falls 
can you visit Victoria falls from the Zimbabwe side without having to go on an organised tour. Is there an entry gate where you pay the park fee. ?

Cell Phone Reception 
Hello, I am traveling to Zimbabwe and staying at Hwange National Park. My job requires me to be contactable all the time, so I would like to know what …

Age Restrictions 
We are planning on traveling to Victoria Falls with our children. Our youngest child will be 6 at the time. Are there any activities that are appropriate …

Visiting for Christmas 
Hallo we will Visiting victoria falls from the 24th december until the 26th. ...are they open on those days? ???christmas day as well? ??

Safety to move around victoria falls town after sun set. 
We are a group of 8 elderly persons visiting victoria falls (Zimbabwe)& will stay at hotel n1.Is it safe to go for dinner after sunset in the town? Can …

Helicopter Trips Over Victoria Falls 
My wife & I are visiting the Victoria Falls 5Dec2016 & we would like to incorporate a Helicopter Trip into our Itinerary, possibly in the Afternoon or …

Self driving trip 
With a friend a mine (two girls) we plan a self driving trip. I have a few questions. - Is it enough to hire a (smaller) sedan or is it necessary to have …

Taking a 4x4 into Zim 
Hi there We have rented a 4x4 through an independent company and will be taking this through Botswana and were hoping to cross into Zimbabwe to go to …

Questions on Transport and Transfers 
Please advise how far away this camp is from the Kazungula/Zim border and can a transfer company access this camp from the borders or do they have to drive …

Questions on Tours of the Victoria Falls National Park 
I will be visiting Vic Falls in August. I can walk the distance to the falls from the Illala hotel, but must stop periodically to rest my back. Are there …

Questions on Yellow Fever Vaccination Victoria Falls 
The information below supercedes all other questions regarding Yellow Fever vaccinations. Yellow fever vaccinations are no longer required for travel …

Questions on Victoria Falls Entrance Fees & Information 
I would like to know if there is a pass for multiple entrances to (all) national parks in Zimbabwe including the Victoria Falls (like the Wild card in …

Questions on Visas, Passports & Borders 
We are entering Zim from Joberg on an Intercape bus. I was on the understanding as a Cat.B country (NZ) we could get the visa at the border but intercape …

Questions on How to Get to Victoria Falls  
Would like to know if ther is any mode of transport to Victoria Falls besides the Pathfinder and flights

Questions on Itineraries and Advice 
We are a party of 4 adults who will be flying from South Africa to see Victoria Falls in early June 2015. Should we stay on the Zimbabwe or Zambia side? …

Questions on Weddings in Victoria Falls 
Hello Guys My sister is getting married and she pretty much has everything in her house so the conventional wedding gift is out of the question. I want …

Questions on Victoria Falls Activities 
I am thinking of booking some activities at VF with afrizim/baobab Does anyone know how reputable they are?

Questions on Devils Pool Victoria Falls 
I'm doing a research for University and I'd like to know how much visitors in Devil's Pool contribute to Victoria Falls tourism. It would be very interesting …

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Questions on Health Matters in Victoria Falls 
Dear Moderator I have visited this world class medical facility in Victoria falls. May you please update this information to travelers so that they …

Questions on Money Matters Victoria Falls 
Can I pay for the sunset and dinner cruise and other such activities using my Mastercard Credit card?

Questions on Souvenirs & Shopping in Victoria Falls 
We are trying to decipher how much cash to bring with us for curios, and I was wondering the general cost of sculptures, African beaded jewelry, fabrics, …

Questions on the Best Time of Year in Victoria Falls 
Is wildlife viewing typically better in the morning or in the afternoon? Is there a specific time of day when the animals are most active? Thanks!

Questions on Victoria Falls Accommodation 
Hi I am Zimbabwean and I'm planning a week's holiday in Zim with my English family - 28 March to 03 April 2015. Our party consists of myself, my daughter …

Questions on Car Hire Victoria Falls 
Hi, we are planning on being in Harare August 2014 from the U.S. and plan on visiting Vic Falls. Bus and Air schedules have changed and will not work …

Questions on Kariba 
Hi, As one alternative we are thinking to go by boat from Vic Falls to Kariba. The question we have is what kind of car we need from Vic Falls to Mlibizi. …

Questions on Food in Victoria Falls 
Hi Boo and Tony, I have a simple but quite important question: We are planning a camping holiday in Zimbabwe and will arrive at Vic Falls airport on …

Questions on Conservation & Environmental Issues 
Hello! :) I have a school project and thanks to this site, I already have quite a few ways in which man is harming the environment around Victoria Falls. …

Questions on Hwange National Park 
Hi, It's me again, Raphael from France. We'll be two families (one couple and two children more or less high each) and one couple, so ten persons. We …

Questions on Fishing in Victoria Falls 
We are planning a holiday at the victoria falls in October and wondered who would be the best fishing guide for tiger fish ? my husband is an avid fly …

Questions on Internet & cell phone reception 
Is there cellphone reception at Victoria falls? I currently live in south africa, will my cellphone work there?

Questions on Random Topics 
I live in the UK and have recently written a song which I would like to put on my Facebook and maybe YouTube and seek your permission to use some photographs …

Questions on Other Vic Falls Topics 
Hi, I recently visited Vic Falls for the first time and loved it! I am interested in possibly buying land to build a lodge on or something similar? …

Questions on Disable & Wheelchair Accessibility Questions 
Which hotels in vic falls are suitable for people in wheelchairs. Answer: This is a very good question and I'm going to contact the hotels to get clearer …

Questions on Community interaction in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe 
where and which organisations are willing and currently working with youths especially the need and under-privileged? We got land and few connections …

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Safety, Guide Tour of the Falls, Day to Chobe worth the Money? The first question, is it safe to walk around the town by myself and do you happen to to know how far is it to the falls from my hostel Victoria Falls Backpackers (357 Gibson Road)?......

How much money to bring to Victoria Falls?... Did Lorrie agree to take euros? If not I will bring some dollars. Yes I will be paying all in  Euros cash, so please give me an estimate of what I need to bring. Including the visa cost.....

Moving to Victoria Falls?...I am moving to Victoria Falls and have been searching on line for information but it is quite limited because it is all based on tourism - can you please help me.....


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